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Following Protocol; Total Test 213?


I've followed the protocol to the point of test-only supplementation (I'm 26, my E2 has never been out of range)

213 total test! I can't provide full blood work for anyone to analyze yet. He was cautious with just total test first.

Simple question: increase my dose? Naturally I tested (5 times) averaging low 400's.

So again, should I just push it to 200-250mg/wk and see where it goes? I could feel better and I can't gain muscle for shit.

I also take mirtazapine which has ruined my composition due to insulin/glucose side effects.

140lb 4-5% bodyfat, ~55%water


155-165lb, 12% bodyfat, ~60% water

Finally, do I really need to have anastrozole on hand if I'm pushing it or will homeostasis fix that? I've never had estrogenic side effects yet.

I just want to be healthy and feel normal.

Thanks for any advice. I'll update when I get more information. You guys are more helpful than you know.


Read the stickies.

Post your protocol.

E2 will not get under control by homeostasis. If the T you take is converted to E2 out of range, you’ll have to use an AI or lower the T dose.

Mirtazapine is associated with weight gain.