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Following Politics, Following the Money


…and not one of these 5 large studies was cited…now were these articles you read or actual, peer reviewed studies?




This is exactly how I picture Zep:


Yes. But I don’t expect you to understand that


Bro, it’s only a “burden” of $1,900,000,000,000/year equal to about 10% of GDP. That ain’t nothin!


So any proof? Or should I just believe you because you think it or said it?


Can’t be serious…


Nowhere in the article did they confirm enforcement. So does the number you cited take that crucial point into account or does the number represent the cost of laws and rules that remain unenforced?

Curious, bro!


Are you fucking serious? Yesterday was the end of tax filing for fuck sake.

You can’t be real. There is no fucking way that you’re real.


No, are you fucking serious. So the tax filing deadline is proof that these laws are enforced?

First, many federal laws and regulations are in fact enforced by the states… but many aren’t



Dude, just stop.


Nope. People just fork over a major chunk of their earnings out of a sense of civic engagement and because they agree with what their government is doing.

It’s not like their assets will be frozen, property seized and men with guns will show up if they fail to comply.


I feel like a high school girl, I can’t even with this…


I mean, it’s impossible for a real person to not understand the implication of the tax deadline passing when discussing the enforcement of regulation. You are literally paying for regulations and if you don’t pay you can go to fucking jail.

I’m used to the stupidity at this point, but this is some next level dumb.


I just can’t let this go. Derpy McDerperson “Derrrrr the taxing filing deadline is proof that da lawz are enforced derrr?”

The IRS is regulatory burden with the sole function of collecting tax revenue TO PAY FOR OTHER REGULATORY BURDEN. People literally go to jail for tax evasion.

My god, man.

Derpy McDerperson III “point of order, states enforce some federal laws.” Like it fucking matters who enforces the laws from a regulatory burden perspective. Rocky and fucking Bulwinkle could enforce regulation and it would make zero difference from an employers perspective.


No, because they have bought off the government and regulating agencies. Because of this, punishments will only go so far and they will not endanger their business.


And how realistic is it for the upper echelon of corporations to face jail time for not following regulations?


The way your mind works is baffling.

Regulatory burden =/= jail time. The tax filing deadline and tax evasion was just a timely example used to illustrate how little you know about the topic.

The board of directors of every “plain corporation” is required to sign their annual, third party, audit attesting to the completeness and validity of the financial statements being presented. That’s regulatory burden, one that can also result in legal action against a company’s management including the possibility of jail time.

Regulatory burden:
Here’s their enforcement page:

This is one department in one division of one branch of the federal government.

Here’s the SEC’s enforcement page:
Fed Court actions:

This is just a tiny fraction of total regulatory burden.


Just a quick Google away. People going to jail for tax evasion.

It happens man. You arguing taxes/regulations do not constitute a burden and are unenforced is patently absurd.



It’s immaterial any way. About 70% of the employers in the country are small businesses so in some sense it doesn’t really matter what the other 30% are–they could be robber barons. Wouldn’t change the fact that regulatory burden is very real for the 70% of “main Street” (or whatever) is very, very real for the people Zep professes to care about (which he doesn’t, because “profits are evil”).