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Following Politics, Following the Money


Of course a lot of people still are getting it from their dealers. Like a LOT.

Many don’t trust the govt to not be making a list of users.

Many understand a stigma still exists and don’t want to be judged.

Wake up


I live in a State where rec. mj is “legal” - many municipalities have banned rec. shops from opening or have pushed back decisions b/c they’re ineffective pussies.

Either way, some people I know mirror what you said @pfury They’d much rather operate outside of the system for the reasons you stated AND the high taxes that are being placed on rec. mj. I don’t know what the legislature is thinking tbh -


The most common I’ve seen is for work. Imagine being a teacher, nurse, doctor, realtor, etcetc.

Jobs can still sack you for smoking weed off the clock. Only an idiot risks their job when a much lower risk (street) avenue exists


That’s obviously Big Pharm’s fault…


Then keep embarrassing yourself with your severely retarded posts.




There are big differences between governments, no?


Whut? You want Big Government to take over Healthcare while simultaneously hating the same Big Government for not allowing Marijuana and Stem Cell treatments.


Are our elections better/fairer?


Than Russia’s, yes.


Okay, here is to wasted time. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/bernard_sanders/400357#strong text


With no proof. Surprise! All one has to do is read over the previous posts by you.


Wow, you just decimated another one of my points with your astute observations.




Ya, we covered this… He’s sponsored 7 whole bills in 30 years and most of them are naming something. He’s garbage.

Sweet missed votes during the campaign.

You have thousands of posts as “proof” dipshit.

You’ve never made a “point” in your posting history.

Lol, what can I do except laugh?


Your entire post history in a nutshell.



USMC: What’s 2+2
Zep: Potato
USMC: What do potato’s have to do with a simple math problem.
Zep: Exactly.

Unfucking real.


A definition since you don’t know what it means. https://www.escr-net.org/corporateaccountability/corporatecapture/characteristics-corporate-capture

Look out it talks about a revolving door and that is something to be made fun of by you. As you either don’t believe it exists or isn’t a serious conflict of interest. It ought to be illegal;.


But they just want to get high, right?


Certainly better than what we have now.