Following Politics, Following the Money

Following politics in this era is easy. Just follow the money.

Try this again.

Tobacco and cannabis aren’t even competing products.

Whatever you say champ.


Yeah, it makes total sense that the tobacco industry, which has been experiencing loss and has all, literally All of the necessary components- from dirt to point of sale- already in place to be against something that they could plant later this month and be profitable by this fall.

That makes so much sense.

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Fun fact of the day. Smoking weed has been shown to improve your chances of not smoking cigs as it satisfies the oral craving and helps trick your brain into thinking you haven’t stopped.

I’ll try to remember to find the research after work. Not about to google that stuff now ROFL.

Also fwiw, Sessions is actively making the MJ push more severe to intensify the war on drugs and keep cartels in business. If the GOP actually wanted to put a dent in cartels, they’d just legalize weed instead of forcing government control in our lives like they’re constantly preaching they hate.

Fuckin hypocrits.


So true


But he’s a commie!!!

He’s a “do as I say not as I do” commie.


Pot and cigarrettes compete for market share, interesting. Never got stoned smoking pall malls in high school. Maybe I was doing it wrong.

His conspiracy theory makes perfrct sense up to the point that you realize Phillip Morris and other ‘big tobacco’ have super healthy sales growth… in Europe, Asia and South America. They have all but given up on sales growth in the US. Because they don’t need it. Make the cancer sticks here and export em. We are exporting cancer… Murika!!!

Complaining about republicans not actually liking small government is funny. They never have.

We can’t have people getting baked, that would be too much freedom.

Exactly right. It seems that most supporters of small government run as Republicans(today, at least), but the Party itself is definitely for big government. It’s the Party of empire and warfare.

Edit: The only thing the Republican Party has going for it is that it has yet to go full progressive. I don’t think there are many Republicans trying to tell people that there are 737293 genders.

We’re exporting cool. What did those little backwater shitholes have before Marlboros and Levi’s?


Logically they’re substitutes - may not be direct substitutes - and in some cases complements (I think that’s a spliff but it’s been years…) so this makes sense to me


Doesn’t make much sense for them to keep it illegal because of this. They have the real estate, capital, and infrastructure to turn this on at noon and make money by 1.


Well, yea he is a self professed commie. He prefers socialist but loves him some sweet Castro love. His actions - very crony and very inconsistent with his ideological views. Personally I think he’s a lunatic.

He’s an elitist.


Nah this isn’t actually an option in reality. To my knowledge, every state that has legalized weed thus far has been putting very strict limits on who can grow to distribute, caps, etc.

Also, weed and tobacco aren’t grown in the same conditions. Most locations in the country require indoor growing. You can drop a plant outside in Michigan, but it’s gonna smoke like the shit high schoolers smoke. Nobody is paying for that over their local dealer

Maine has a very similar growing climate and I can assure you that you can grow very high quality outdoor bud. My friend is in the business and it sells just as well as her indoor. The indoor is better, but the outdoor is quite good and priced at roughly 60-70% of the same weight of indoor product.


Ehh maybe I’m just a snob. I’m newschool so I was never forced to have low expectations by a lower average quality.

That being said, I’m definitely a quality over quantity kinda guy.

Despite that % already being enough to keep me away, I’d imagine it drops even more when you scale to the size of big tobacco farms. They’re not exactly famous for their QC.

Fwiw, I think it would take federal legalization for big tobacco to ever want to get on board. With varying states and varying laws and the inability to move your goods out of state it’s a logistics nightmare

You do have that air about you (kidding … well, kind of)

Comes with age … you’re getting old dude.


Way out in the backwoods of WVa. there is a strain of thunderfuck that would change your mind about that.

Indoor does provide a great deal of control though. With the right type, a virtually standardized quality and quantity can be produced like clock work.

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Sometimes I miss bud. I switched to wax about 6 months ago as it’s much lower profile with my 2 kiddos running around. Coupled with nobody calls out a guy with a vape pen in public (downside being I have to look like I vape).

Ultimately that’s insanely vital for the legal industry. Plus there’s a ton of cost saving options for internal growing. You can grow year round, etcetcetc.

Not that I won’t smoke outdoor bud on principle, but personally I’ll always pay a bit more for better quality. Plus if I’m ever financially forced to cut costs in that route, I’d probably just cut the cost altogether.