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Following Doug Hepburn's Workouts

Gentlemen, I have been reading thru a lot of the articles and information on your website for the past 2 months, and it’s great - thanks. I am a 43 y/o 6’2" 225 lb. ectomorph that has lifted for 5 years and I’m stuck in the intermediate level. I take fish oil, creatine & whey, desiccated liver, ZMA, and eat great. I bench 305, just switched from parallel (with 455 1RM) to rock bottom sguats (now doing 265 x 10 reps).

I have tried WSB with a little success and lots of sore shoulders and elbows. I am interested in your opinion on a Doug Newburn style workout vs. a more modern program. I am interested in gaining size and strength. I can go to the gym 3x per week.

A 32 y/o guy (5’ 10" mesomorph)that I just recently met has followed a Doug Hepburn style template for 2 years and his bench went from 275 to 455. He does 8 x 2 bench this Monday, next Monday he does 8 x 3 with the same weight. The following Monday he does 8 x 2 with 5 - 10 additional lbs. He has never “changed lifts” as Louie Simmons has said is needed for constant progress.

So what’s the real truth in having to switch lifts to make progress? Acording to Louie, Doug Hepburn’s methods shouldn’t work. What program would you presribe for me to follow, given my age, body type, and average or slightly less than average recovery ability?

If this is not a troll attempt:

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