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Following Berardi's Plan for Mass

This is my first post. I going to start Dr. John M Berardi diet plan. My goal right now is to bulk up. I want to do it the smartest way. I guess what i mean is i want to build lean muscle from the beginning. I am 5’4 about 155 lb. The plan that Dr. John has laid out was for a person measuring at 5’10. My question is should i make any adjustment to his nutrition plan since i am shorter? By the way i workout 5 days a week. Thanks in advance.

Here is his plan


Just make all the food, eat till your full and don’t immediately start cutting if you lose sight of your abs. How old are you? Give us some more information besides height. Post pics if you got em.

Berarid Knows his stuff, If you can pack in the food and you have the time you can make great lean gains. Some fat is needed but nothing crazy. Thats the great thing about his plan, But Like above said dont get scraed and stop when you lose sight the abs a bit.

You GOT to stick it out for the long haul and get your body used to the new weight if you want to keep it.

The down side to Berardi’s plan is just the time and pain. Its a TON. A truck load of quality food. You cant just do it one day but EVERY DAY day in day out, Cook ahead, eat on a clock. If your not full EAT. But id you can do that and do it for MONTHS you can make some great gains.

Remember its takes YEARS to add a lot of mass and strength, and weeks to get lean.

Stop the yoyo stuff make the commitment to add a great deal of mass and strength, Put in the time and cut he fat later. the shortest way to point b is not a straight line making extremely lean gains but an arch that has you go over point B and drop down on it.