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Followed KSman's Guide, Questions?


Random blood test prior to any issues just as an aside put
White blood cell count higher end normal, red blood cell count lower end normal, nothing amazing.

First test (pre TNation forums)

Testosterone 10nmol/L (513ng/dl)
Estro: 80 pmol/L (can't figuire out conversion on this) (rage given <146)
Thyotropin 1.36 mU/L (range given 0.30-4.00)
as an aside bicarbonate was higher end normal 33nmol/L
Sexual symptoms are heavily apparent here, mood effects apparent.
Total Protein: 82 g/L (range given 63-82)
Albumin:49 g/L (range given 34-50)

Second Test (Post t nation)
Lutropin 4.2 IU/L (range given 1.5-9.3)
Follitropin 6.1 IU/L (range given 1.4-18)
Prolactin 173 mIU/L (range given 45-375)
Testosterone 17.8 nmol/L (range given 8-26 nmol) (513ng/L was my result in american units)
SHBG 37 nmol/L (13-71 range given)
PSA 0.73 ug/L (range given <2.50)

The lab out my calculated free testosterone at
345 pmol/L (range given 225-725)

Mood and sex better but hard ons still on the gradual decline at second test.

Going of these test I get the following results when calcuating myself
free testosterone and bio available testosterone

Bioavailable Testosterone: 8.45 nmol/L = 48.8 % (244ng/dl)
Free Testosterone 0.318 nmol/L = 1.84 % (9ng/dl)

So my free is very low end for me (21 years old) and the symptoms are there. Is this correct? I'm using the albumin test from the earlier results to calcuate this as i had them tested 4 years apart and they stayed stable.

This sound right? Seeking input from the KSMAN himself if he would be so generous?


E2 is 22pg/ml, but with very low T, that makes you estrogen dominant.

Should be testing TSH, not Thyrotropin

What lab range for prolactin?

Please use [edit] in lower RH corner of above post and add lab ranges.

If albumin is same at total protein, there is a lab error. Albumin+globulin=total protien, globulin = zer0?

You are on TRT?

You can't talk about how you are doing without addressing E2.


High I updated the post the lab included a free testosterone calculation is 10ng/dl good for a 21 year old (morning test, fasted)? I'm not on TRT, does e2 seem off to you?


E2 is typical for many cases of low T.

Please read these stickies:
- advice for new guys, note first paragraph, need more info about you.
- things that damage your hormones

Part of this could be thyroid related. Please check oral body temperatures:
- when you first wake up, 97.7 - 97.8 is good, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
- also look for 98.6 mid-afternoon

Please post some of your CBC with hematocrit.
Any digestive issues or food sensitivities?

Any explanation for higher white blood cell count? Any inflammation or infection?


Sorry it took me a bit heres all the info you wanted

Please post some of your CBC with hematocrit.

Full Blood/ lab Ranges in brackets
Heamoglobin: 141 g/L (125-175)
White Blood cell count: 11.6 (4.00-11.00)
Platelets: 419 (150-500)
Red Blood Cell count:4.6 (4.5-5.9)
HeamotocritL 0.42 (0.41-0.53)
MCV:91 (80-98)
MCH: 30.3 (26.00-34.00)
MCHC: 335 (320-360)
Neutrophils: 7.32 (2.00-8.00)
Lymphocytes: 3.2 (1.00-4.00)
Monocytes: 0.7(0.0-0.1)
Eosinphils:0.3 (0.0-0.6)
Basophils:0.1 (0.0-0.2)

''Within normal limits, clinical context and instrument parameters have been reviewed''

Any digestive issues or food sensitivities?
Nope, used to smoke and got heartburn, stopping smoking helped it.

Any explanation for higher white blood cell count? Any inflammation or infection?
Nope, have had eczema and dandruff in past if that adds context.

This any help? I read the stickies an have an endo appoitment soon (you can't work with a normal doctor here due to laws around scripts should you need them), anything I should know or ask for going in? They will not do any thyroid test beyond those given (public health care system urgh).


My first reply was a bit of a mess as I tries to type it out, I uploaded my panel with a recent test and one from 2008 listed. Hopegully that is something to off any tips for my endo appointment? (can't work with a general doc alone in aus on the public system). Also can't get thyroid checked in aus's system as described in the stickies, well not without going private (im broke).


Have to post the pics in two different post


and some more


Also no I am not on TRT and have never touched an anabolic


Your blood seems a bit thin VS your T levels. So I then suspect that there might be a low level GI bleed. That is checked with an occult blood test, smear some poop on an test card. Ask your doc for that. This is why I asked about digestive issues.

Please read those stickies and check body temperatures.


Should I obtain a copy of the occult blood test? My doc said theyl call if anything seems bad to book and discuss. I'm getting 96.44 Fahrenheit at 4pm for the temp hows that look? Will update in morning with temp results.


I reread the stickies, I think from that I gather I should grab a copy of the oocult blood test or is that one they don't screw up as much?

Here's some more info
-age 21
-height 5'10
-waist 32 (sized jeans?)
-weight (63kg skinny guy)
-describe body and facial hair
I have no idea what my body looks like but I have manged to hit intermediate standards on the powerlifts, bottom two abs show so not too chubby, pretty lanky young guy
-health conditions, symptoms [history]

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever
Did horny goat weed, didn't notice much beyond vasolidation.

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]
Did one bulk/cut cycle ever, bulked hard as a noob, cut hard, bounced back fine was prior to issues.

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]
Do sheiko but have had issues of softening hard ons etc since before that.

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
Morning wood softer or non existent, nocturnal erections lessened.


Waking temp is 95.54, how does that sound? It was a cold morning and I hadn't had my morning coffee if thats any help.


"- when you first wake up, 97.7 - 97.8 is good, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
- also look for 98.6 mid-afternoon"

Your temperatures are alarming. Are you using the thermo properly. Deep under tongue when not eating, talking, drinking or exertion for a while. AM should be before you get out of bed.

Did you stop using iodized salt? - that could be the problem

Get cold easily?
Outer eyebrows sparse or gone?
Dry skin?
Thyroid sore, enlarged, asymmetrical or lumpy?

fT4 [not T3, T4]

Occult blood test is simply a positive/negative result.


I got 96.8 under the tounge not good eh? Eyebrows are fine, I use iodised salt.


I get occasional eczema/psrioris on scalp/feet but less as i get older.