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Follow Up to My Test Injection Post

This is just a follow up out of appreciation to those who responded to my query re:When Does Test Peak After Injection. I had lab done on Mon June 5 as this was exactly 3.5 days(84 hrs)post injection and should have been as close to peak as possible (per all the compiled info). My total test was 506 and free was 17.8. My total has been 500 and 531 on the last two labs at 7 days post injection (which should have been low point as next injection was due on days of lab).

Bottom line is-Doc says it seems that due to taking weekly injections, I am avoiding any real peaks/valleys commonly associated with biweekly dosing thus my level is relatively stable. Who’d a thunk it.

[quote]osito wrote:
Who’d a thunk it.[/quote]

Not the majority of doctors who dish out HRT that’s for sure. Good luck