follow up to first cycle

I agree with you Brock, in that i should go heavy but since i only weigh 160, should i lower my doses accordingly, if so by how much? Next, I will go with the clomid as thats the buzz ive been hearing, but my real question of concern is what kind of cycle i should go with, ive been hearing this 3 on 1 off 2 on 3 off and 2 on 4 off talk, but if i want to blow up to maximal proportions, should i stick to an 8 week cycle or will these other cycles work…obviously health is a concern, but if im going to hit my goals(high end pro ranks), some risks will have to be taken…I know 160 doesnt sound like much, but bear in mind im only 5"5…i await your response and thank you in advance…ps…id like to use primo at the end to help solidify some of the gains, but is this a wasted money effort or not?