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Follow Up Labs 2.5 Weeks In, When Should I Feel Improvement?

My syptoms are inability to lose body fat, and low libido. I’m currently on 12.5mg Clomid (EOD) & .125 AI (Anastrozole) (3x/week). Per Doctor’s suggestion, I’m also taking Iodine, Selenum, D3, K2, DHEA, and Stinging Nettle Root one daily– for Thyroid support.

I’ve been on this treatment for 2.5 weeks. I had questions for my doctor, and therefore e-mailed him the following questions:

I’m currently 2.5 weeks into the treatment plan, at the dosage and frequency as prescribed. I do not feel any difference yet. At what point should I see an improvement in symptoms?

(MY E2 sensitive was 7.4. (normal = 8.0 - 35.0) Symptoms of frequent urination and cracking of joints is something I have read of low estradiol. If I have had these symptoms for over 10 years, could that be an indicator that I have always had low E2? With the Anastrozole, should my E2 still be able to rise to a normal range? Should I expect to see less frequent urination, less uncomfortable/cracking joints. What other benefits could I expect from getting my E2 to a normal range?

Should I expect to begin to see an easier time to lose body fat? Historically I have been able to achieve ideal leanness anytime I dialed in my diet, but it has never come easy. In the last 1-2 years, I have carried extra body fat, despite eating the same and exercising the same. If treatment results in me having optimal hormone levels, could I expect better results than I’ve been able to achieve previously?

In response to these questions, the Doctor said it would be best to get my follow up labs now, and determine a solution based on results and the information I’ve provided on my symptoms. I was surprised this was their response, as I thought 2.5 weeks may be too soon to feel any changes in the first place? Perhaps I’m wrong to think this? I’m wondering what the thinking is behind retesting labs now, and making adjustments 2.5 weeks into treatment. I’ve asked the doctor’s assistant, but historically the responses have only been from an assistant, and have been very brief. I’m curious of what people here have to say in regards to this, as in regards to my questions above, as well.

Thank you

Update: the RN called me and said to hold out for follow up labs for at least 4 weeks into treatment. She also said to stop taking the AI, and only begin taking it again if I feel high E2 symptoms. Given my low E2 of 7.2, I’m interested in changes with the elimination of the AI.

Your docs a quack. Yes bloods 2 weeks in is stupid.

I can’t believe your doc isnt questioning himself by giving you an ai with such a low e2. You have every single symptom. It’s also very easy to find high e2 benefits for trt men. Google it. Go to YouTube and type in dr rouzier. You’ll run across him and dr nichols and Nelson and others quickly. Stop the AI . Your doc might as well admit he’s not equipped to help you. The guys here could probably do a better job of managing your therapy and expectations with an engineering and high school education than this guy.

Also one must be realistic. You are 2 weeks into treatment. Every posts on this board has folks spewing the same info repeatedly. 6 weeks for first bloods. For your protocol I’m sure several weeks are the norm.

It takes months to feel right on trt and any type of hormonal optimization and supplement.It doesn’t happen over night. Etc etc etc.

Since when was body comp changes at the top of a mans list who is suffering from fatigue and depression? Priorities… I’d rather be fat horny and happy vs lean, limp and angry any day.

Expect 3-4 months at most for this to work for you consistently. That’s if your working with a solid professional and not doc stuck in the hole of sick care symptom relief. It obvious your docs not a Specialist. Go contact dr says at defy medical, Nelson Virgil over at excel make, dr nichols at tier 1 health and wellness, low t nation, the list goes on.:: there’s so many more clinics and docs who specialize in this.

Taking that much ai with a low e2 is suicidal. Your probably suffering big time from it.

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Clomid will only work if the cause of low testosterone is addressed, if not when you stop clomid levels will drop right back to baseline. I’m baffled as to why you are on an AI with a history of very low estrogen.

It’s more than likely you’ll need TRT. You will not find a specialists in sick care, you need to look to anti-aging and sports medicine specialists.

Defy Medical is a good option.

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@enackers I was wondering why do guys have to wait so long to get blood test drawn. I mean I understand for clomid because it’s PO and has to by pass the liver which will decrease the strength A little bit. So that means it will take time to build up in the blood. But what I don’t understand is when we are injecting you should feel the benefits within at least three days. If I inject testosterone today and I take labs three days from now my testosterone will increase. So I’m just kind of confused what is the logic of waiting for six weeks? I’ve always wondered about that

Basicly because of the half-life of cypionate. It takes 6 weeks to reach max dose and you will not go past that level in the blood as long as you stay at the sme dose every injection. This allows you to realize what the body gets from the cypionate.

You also want other hormones like estrogen to stabilize and see where those ends upz

I am already going through Defy Medical. My consultation was with one of their nurse practitioners. Today I spoke with his RN, who after hearing my symptoms, told me to stop taking the AI, unless I begin feeling high E2 symptoms.

I’ll stop the AI for now (unless high E2 symptoms are felt). I’ll get my blood work in at the 6 week mark (3.5 more weeks)

These guys are supposed to be on top of their game. This is like the tenth time I’ve seen them do this. Guy with low e2 given ai . Instead of saying no ai because low e2.

So just to chime in I stopped taking a I and it’s the best thing that I did. But what I do now is I take the DIM and it seems to work pretty well for me.

So I had a question
I have had low T for the past two years. Has anyone ever heard of someone not being able to figure out what caused it?
Most of the time it seems like the guys on here have somewhat of an idea of how they ended up with low T. But for me I’m still lost I seriously have no idea how I ended up with this

@zsub154 - What were your E2 levels before? What else have you taken for your treatment?

I am 30 years old now. But when I first got diagnosed with low T I was 28. So I started out on Clomid monotherapy then I went on to hCG monotherapy and now for quite some time I have been on the regular regimen of testosterone and hCG and anastrozole. With that regimen right there my E2 was very hard to control especially when you have so many moving factors with the hCG and testosterone both manipulate your total testosterone and free testosterone. It was not until I went to Defy medical that the doctor came up with the idea of trying DIM And so far it has worked great for me. But to answer your direct question my E2 was high