Follow Up Lab Timing

Getting follow up labs done this week. My dosing now is tcyp50mg mon and thurs. So 100mg/wk. Not currently on an estrogen blocker or hcg. Ive had some ed problems on some days and others its like im 18 again. Was wondering if i should get labs right before my next dose or right after. Or if it even matters worrying about peeks and troughs. Thanks.

Generally speaking you get your blood drawn the morning of your next shot.

Were the ED problems on this new protocol? What was your protocol before?

Sorry ive been slammed with work. Ed is on current protocol. Had it before on as well but also had lack of libido too. Then my dose got raised. Now i have ed issues periodically, libido is fine though. Not sure what the culprit is. Im getting labs next week. Docs office forgot to order them for this week