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Hey T-mag, to follow suit with King’s “Bring the Pain” and “White Men CAN Jump” and Tate’s “Squat 900lbs” and “Bench 600lbs”, could we get each strength coach to write out a multi-stage workout that would pertain to his/her specialty. Charlie Francis could write “Run the 100m in 10s flat”, Staley could bring us “Throw your partner through the wall” or “Break a man’s rib with your foot” or whatever. Seriously, I’d really like to see something from Francis, and I know everybody’s different but Hey! King did it. Can somebody second me on this.

Heya Manimals. Good call, man. I want “Bust through a concrete wall in 12 weeks” or “Ten workouts to tearing people’s arms off their body”. Me, lately I’ve been on my own personal “Bull in a China Shop” routine as my shoulders and traps have “bonsaied” out. Lata.

“MB Eric: Eating his inner child when he’s out of MRP’s since 13BC.”


I’d be highly interested in getting Charlie Francis to write an article that would incorporate strength training and sprints. It could even be geared toward the beginner. Something that would show us how to combine it all and what type of periodization to use and how to make it all work together!

Great idea! Personally, I’d like to see what Staley has up his sleeve for getting bigger on limited genetics. “How to max out your DNA in Ten Short Weeks” or some such.

Hey T-Mag staff, is there any hope for this?