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Follistatin, Myostatin Inhibitor


Ok so I have been reading about this stuff and I sounds to good to be true.There is alot of info online about it but this site seems to get to the point alot quicker.

"I was just wondering about people heres views on this. A company called celldyne pharma is selling a product called Folstaxan which supposedly has follistatin as the active ingridient.

In their testing with just one person (yeah I know!), follistatin was found in the blood after consuming their product and the persons myostatin levels fell around 37%. Not very scientific but there does appear to be other good science that supports the idea that follistatin is very effective in mice but I think most of this was done using genes. It does at least appear to be absorbed and have an effect on myostatin levels.

For those that are not familiar with myostatin, it appears to be a regulator of muscle mass, in simple terms, more Myostatin means less muscle and vice versa. Follistatin appears to play a part in reducing levels of Myostatin and so seems to increase the amount of muscle tissue. I think follistatin is found in minute quantities in nature particuarly in embryos and gonads - probably used to get the initial muscle mass in newborns. Folstaxan is derived from fertilised chicken eggs I would guess because of the relatively high concentration of follistatin.

Follistatin appears to have minimal side effects, may cause skeletal muscle growth of up to 400% (based on the gene knockout experiments) and acts fast. It sounds too much like a wonder drug but if it turns out to be for real, the implications are huge; muscle wasting diseases treated, super sized and extra lean cattle and other livestock, muscle regrowth for the elderly and of course making bodybuilding much safer (and probably assessible to everyone without steroids, GH or IGF1 or for that matter exercise). There is also something similar that is for bone strengthening which would be good for the elderly.

It is still very early stages but the potential for something like this is amazing. imagine if we could get 4 times as much prime beef off our cattle. imagine if the elderly had strong muscle and strong bones. Imagine people with muscle wasting diseases being able to lead active lives. Imagine the average weakling (or geek) now able to stand up for themself. I really hope that this is at least half as good as early indicators".

I would really appreciate the views of others on this board and any other research others have come across.

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Follistatin is the real deal...in mice.

Like other gdf-8 inhibitors, it may be a different story in humans.


I have a friend who is currently trying to figure out a proper vector for delivery of follistatin. He is in possession of some but is struggling because using a virus is very expensive. Currently he may be trying to mix it with PEG to extend the life of it and possibly let it take. This stuff is over my head and I don't have time to help him with research.

If anyone knows anything about it or anyone who is experimenting with it please PM me so I can put my friend in contact.


So do you know the chances of this stuff being for real and it being made available.


Oh it is certainly available, and real. But, the problem lies in properly delivery the follistatin to your tissue. The form my friend has is some sort of plasmid that ideally would use a viral vector like an adenovirus or lentivirus. The virus helps to deliver the gene to the cells. Not only is it expensive and complicated but sounds dangerous to me.

Also, those "in the know" with this stuff are not likely to share information on how to tranfect since it could probably make someone rich if they could figure out how to antagonize myostatin in safely in humans with this stuff.


Man I hope this gets figured out soon I want some.


I know many of you may not be interested in this yet, seeing as it is not in use to our knowledge. This could possibly one day make steroids look like dessicated liver tablets. 400 percent more muscle growth, that's massive potential!

All this without training, although the blocking of myostatin from studies suggests that it is most effective when in the womb and growing years not so much adult years.


The method is not delivering follistatin to your tissue (except if speaking indirectly).

The method is of introducing separate and foreign DNA into most cells in the body, to remain there forever, to cause them to produce an amount of follistatin, forever, that is unregulated. What you get is what you get.

This is not some-guy-figuring-something-on-his-own level stuff.

Also probably not a good idea, for a person suffering no life-threatening or life-damaging illness, even if given a billion dollars in research.


I remember doing research on this subject a few years ago when research was first being done. It doesnt look like its going to be avaliable to the public or even privately for quite some time. Finding a delivery system is KEY!, with the way the world advances thought it could be within reach


ive been interested in myostatin inhibition for a while
this study is worth a look

the effects it has on Belgium blue double muscle cattle is amazing (thats their real name due to the fact they are homozygous for the gene that suppresses myostatin)
this was achieved simply by selective breeding over many generations and they look freakishly muscular. also they carry next to no adipose tissue!

as mentioned above this is also great for meat and what they are primarily bred for
ie greater feeding efficiency. a tender piece of meat is created by the muscle of the cow not been used much in its life.
with these animals they can remain inactive but still produce huge amounts of meat

the extra muscle in belgium blues according to that study is totally due to hyperplasia and not hypertrophy. at birth these cattle contain nearly twice as many muscle fibers as normal cattle.

but as good as this is as bill mentioned its not easy changing the DNA in most of your bodies cells


another pic


and another


So after you've permanently added foreign DNA to your cells resulting in follistatin production and your ass starts looking like the above, what do you do?

There are no known means to remove the plasmids.


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