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Follistatin 344


For those that don't know, Follistatin 344 appears to be an effective Myostatin inhibitor, resulting in some material muscle growth. (Note I am talking about the peptide, not the virus that modifies your DNA to turn you into a Belgian Blue like they've done to mice.)


Follistatin 344 has also hit the peptide market, so I assume people are using it, as I recently read a long thread on Professional Muscle.

Some of the questions are:

  1. Has anyone actually tried this stuff?

  2. Dosage? Bro Science dosage is 100mcg a day for 10 days then stop, due to ligament concerns. Re-do after 10 days off. Me, I would think HGH or GHRP-6 would be a great adjunct for tendon concerns.

  3. Any real world results? The Prof. Muscl. threads (by what appear interested parties) are talking like a pretty aggressive test cycle with HGH. Specifically, they are talking 20lbs in 10 days sort of thing.

  4. The guys in PM are injecting IM, which seems stupid to me. I would think it would work just as well SQ.

Picture unrelated, but I know the rules.


Very interesting..but I'm not going to try it until a few thousand guinea pigs have gone first.


Shit, I want to try it. I saw some, but like overstand said, I am not going to be the fucktard trying shit brand new to the market.

I will wait for plenty of others to try it, and hopefully some research studies that can uncover possible issues.

20lbs in 10 days is AMAZING if you can keep it, but not sure how good it would be for a powerlifter. Any word on how it was for strength?


I'm in kind of the same boat.

There appear to have been some early quality control issues, but lots of people (or perhaps a couple people posting under a lot of names to generate buzz, you never know) seem to be bragging about PR squats, massive size increase, etc. Sounds too good to be true, which is triggering my BS detector.


Well, I will wait for lots of people to try it, and a few years to go by.


Problem with waiting is anything that works promptly becomes illegal.

I had links to some of the discussions, but they were deleted (kinda a "grey" site, legally).


At close to ten grand for a single cycle at the dosages ive seen mentioned, it sounds a little out of my price range, and not something thats even worth considering without irrefutable proof it works.

Think about it this way, for that chunk of change you could get a fantastic homebrew setup and with enough gear to stay juiced for as long as you could possibly want and on multiple grams a week. Hell for that money you could afford primo, and a shitload of it too.

It doesn't make economic sense till you have at least exhausted the heavy gear and later GH route, and thats even if it works which I severely doubt. The animals in the studies had genes inserted through viral vectors which allowed them to produce their own follistatin, and most likely in much more quantity than you could affordably inject.


I don't think those prices are current. Looks to me 1mg (for 10 100mcg days) is $178.


Thats a little more affordable. Just over 100 quid for a course? Could easily be a scam but at that price i could justify being a guinea pig. Could you pm me the site?


Yeah, I became convinced and went ahead and ordered 2mg.

This is a legal product, but not sure if it is kosher to post.

You could just google "phil hernon follistatin 344"


I'm not forking the money for it anytime soon.

The only public logs about it are, like you said, on PrM, on guys who are running grams of anabolics, insulin and GHRP's along with it.

Plus Phil won't shut the fuck up in the threads. 'It's a great product, hey if you don't want it it's your problem, this problem will actually get people bigger and stronger than they'd like!'

Who the fuck gave this monkey a keyboard.


Well, for shits and giggles, I'm trying this. My previous junior officer bought some directly from Phil himself and he fedexed me a vial, for research purposes.

For a purpored 1mg, it had a lot of stuff in the vial -- all of which dissolved instantly

Mixed with sterile water, 2.5 ml, and plan to take 250ml (.1mg) a day. Started with baby dose last night, just to see what happens.

Also using GHRP-6, just AM and PM for tendons. This is not a new addition.

Currently 221, 13-14% BF (using calipers, last night), 5'11

I am sleepy/punchy as hell today, but I also had a heck of a day yesterday.

Good leg workout this AM, tremendous pump; doubt that is related.


I'm eager to see your results. Thanks!


I am EXTREMELY interested in your results too. Before and after photos just incase it works?


very interested in this. keep us updated!!


Could have been freeze dried or cut with mannitol.


I'd be interested to hear how it's been going. What's your dosing pattern, also subQ, IM, etc.? I thought this was bs when I first saw your post but pubmed actually has some quality articles on follistatin. Of course, most of the trials have been on mice and monkeys, but the monkey trials look promising. This could one day be on the market, but only for outrageous prices and only for those with degenerative muscle wasting diseases. Still, interesting peptide that's for sure. I've read that it takes two cycles run concurrently to get the most out of it, not sure if that's true or not. In the monkey trial I looked at they tested them at 5 and 15 months and the results were similar, no change.


Be sure to post results...I am particularly interested in the strength gains...


As others have said, be sure to keep us updated on this. I'm also very interested in the strength gains.


...has the OP succumbed to the follistatin?