Follistatin 344 + Anadrol Experiment

After a great deal of research and speaking with a fairly long time user of follistatin 344 (10+ years) I have decided to implement it on my next cycle as an experiment in conjunction with my favourite substance (Anadrol).

Anadrol hits hard and quick with massive strength and size gains but quickly tapers off. My theory is that this is due to a spike in myostatin production in response to the rate at which muscle is packed on.

Much like the way your body builds muscle as a response to stimuli (exercise) as a survival mechanism, it can inhibit excessive muscle growth because it limits mobility and is inefficient from a caloric perspective (negative feed back loop).

It has been shown in multiple studies that using gear boosts myostatin levels with extended use or high doses.

Follistatin binds to myostatin inhibiting it’s effects which could stabilize the gains seen from anadrol, as well as stabilizing gains across longer AAS cycles, and could potentially give seasoned users results like their first cycle.

It’s likely the body begins to immediately associate AAS intake with excessive muscle growth after a while and becomes quicker and quicker to increase myostatin as a response, making it harder and harder to gain from the same doses you started with.

My logic tells me that using a small amount (70mcg /wk) of a naturally occurring protein in conjunction with a significantly reduced AAS load could potentially be healthier in the long run while "potentially* giving the same increase in protein synthesis as a larger dose for an experienced user.

The effects of follistatin have been shown to be extremely fast acting, users recording literally 24-48h to notice results, so a shorter experimental run should be sufficient for my purpose of investigation.

I will be running 2 weeks of FS344 right around when the anadrol normally slows down for me, and 2 weeks at the end of my cycle when the test starts to slow down to see if i can stop the tapering effect in regards to mass gain by inhibiting myostatin.

For the record I’m not in any way reccomending other users try this. There is a very limited pool of data and a lack of quality control with most sources of FS 344. I will talk about my findings during and after the cycle but i wanted to open up discussion in the event anyone has experience using Follistatin 344 and was willing to share their knowledge / experiences / reactions/ results etc

Below is my proposed cycle.

Wk 1-6 (Anadrol) 50mg/day
Wk 1-12 (T400) 800mg/wk
Wk 4-6 (Follistatin 344) 10 mcg/day
Wk 10-12 (Follistatin 344) 10 mcg/day

I will be interested to see your results, please keep us updated.