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I was wondering if anyone had any cures for folliculitis. I only get it on my stomach and get it regardless of whether i shave or not.

I would give my left nut to just have it on my stomach (well no, that’s a little extreme). I have to deal with a serious case on my head (I shave it) and every once and a while in other “areas”. My dermo prescribed a antibiotic and gave me a wash (same as what surgeons scrub with). It worked for a few months but now I’m back to square one. I’ve tried an antiseptic called Detol that’s also used as a toilet cleaner! It works ok but certainly doesn’t prevent it or eliminate it. You tried anything?

tea tree oil. It is expensive as hell but it works. You can get it at most health food stores.

Im trying some salycilic acid right now. I put it in an androsol bottle and spray it on two or three times a day. Tanning has also helped me in the past but i think it more or less just covers it up. I shave my head too. Ive never gotten it on my head.

I forgot to mention that my doc said that accutain works in about 50% of cases. If I can’t find anything else I’ll probably go that route after the summer.
JD, Thanks for the advice, I’ll go get some tonight! Have you tried this yourself? and to what extent does it work? Meaning, I don’t care how expensive it is if it really works!

What is folliculitis?

Yes, I have used it and I am fairly new to shaving so I really seem to get a bunch of inflamed folicles, red bumps that can get kind of nasty . My experience is that it works well other that the smell, kind of like turpentine. It comes from a tree in Austrailia. Do a seach on the web for Tea Tree Oil it is kind of interesting, people use it for all kinds of stuff.

I have this problem on my face. I just started taking an anti-biotic today. It is a bitch to shave.