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Folk Tales/Myths


I recently read a few stories on the Wild Hunt and got interested in other folktales/myths.

What are some of your favorites?


Recently (as in a couple days ago) gained an interest in the Drakengard lore.


The volsunga saga is good and the Legend of the Tuath De Danaan are some of my personal favorites.


The Cowboys are Americas Team.


Where I grew up around Wangaratta we had Bunyips in the billabongs. We didn't have any Yowies though which was kind of dissapointing.


I was also kind of worried about the story of Zeus disguised as a black swan raping Leda as she lay beside a river. Sure this union gave us Helen of Troy, but what an inspirational tale for the kiddies.

Worse still was that unlike Greece, Australia is crawling with black swans! I could never quite trust the shifty looking bastards after hearing this story.


Irish mythology; Icelandic sagas; Germanic mythology. The Nordic tribes claimed to be the descendants of Trojan warriors who fled during the Trojan War. Their religion was centred around the cult of Odin/Wotan. Pagan practices associated with Wotan worship were still around by the 16th century in parts of Northern Europe but had all but faded away by the 17th century.


Been checking out Tuath De Danaan, awesome.


I hate the Cowgirls.


Mastrabation causes hairy palms


Paul Bunyan is my boy!


Not really myths so much as they are just mythical things, but fearsome critters are always amusing. Hidebehind and axehandle hound are my favorites.


My favorite folklore/myth...The Obama Legacy.




that was funny, Derek~


I see your lumberjack, and raise you John Henry!


I am a great fan of the various mythologies that have come down to us through the ages, with their fanciful stories of capricious gods, vainglorious kings, superhuman demigod heroes and terrible monsters.

Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Hebrew, Greek, Norse, Arabian, Anglo-Saxon, Irish... hard to say which mythologies are the most captivating. I like 'em all.


Any specific stories you would recommend?


I like the local myths because you can go check them out. Root Doctors, Will o' the Wisps, Mama Lous Bridge, Legend of Boggy Creek, Gurdon Light, Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.


This too.