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Foiled Again!

I just got back from a non-workout and boy, am I pissed! The “fitness center” at my apartment complex wasn’t really my dream gym, but at least it HAD free weights and some benches. I walked down there today only to find it had been completely converted to a cardio room. No weights, no pull-up/dip machine, no benches, only foo-foo stair climbers, bikes, treadmills, and ab-doers! How’s a T-Man supposed to maintain his hard fought gains when they take away his gym! Guess I’d better ante up and find a local neighborhood place that still has some iron…
What’s the world coming to?

That’s why I lift in my basement when I am home from school. I have all the weights and none of the distractions (other members, crappy music, etc.) of a typical gym. The best workouts that I have are always at home, even though I work at a nicely equipped gym.

Yeah, that really bites man! Maybe you can get some of the tennants to band together and petition for the weights to come back… or something like that.