foil and cooking.

Is it alright to wrap food in foil when baking or does this leech chemicals from the foil?

Damn I hope so. I cook my sweet taters in foil damn near everyday.

I am sure you get some aluminium leeeching but once again we can only be so anal about things. You have got to live too. I mean damn as long as we are eating 99% better than the rest of the civilized world, I think we are doing O.K.

I think you will be fine, just think about what is in the air you breathe everyday. I think aluminum foil is only harmful when it is directly heated to a high temp(lighter) and then directly inhaled.

In an effort to minimize any adverse effects from Aluminum (eg alzheimers, etc) I’ve used parchment paper instead.

You can actually “fry” on it, and it heats up to high temperatures (it gets brown, but doesn’t burn until long duration). Hence, it has replaced oil for me in any frying situations.