Foggy and Tired Days after Shot

I am taking roughly 180 brone out into 2 shots a weeks so roughly 80 Monday and Thursday. I also take 1/4 pill of arimidex each time I inject. What I notice is the day I am due for a shot I feel amazing and then the days after the shot I start going down hill feeling foggy headed and tired. So what I’ve been doing recently is not taking the shots so close together to enjoy those good days. What sign is that as to the day I need to inject and take my qrimidex I feel good? Do you think is cause my estrogen is too low and the arimidex is getting out of my system after day 3 or 4 or is it the other way around? The T levels are taping off and my stroganoff levels are not as high as the daya right after a shot. It’s been a year on TRT and I’m finding it hard to find an everyday feeling good. It’s so up and down.

Please any suggestions would be recommended. My dr is really cool not the most experience I feel but he is willing to let me take more or less of each until I find that right spot. So you all input I value greatly!!!

Thank you all!!!

I felt exactly like you in the beginning of treatment, I was on too high a dose which is why I felt great the first few days and then a big crash on the sixth day. You need to inject at a maximum every 7 days with twice a week prefered to keep your levels more stable, the reason you feel ups and downs is because your levels are bouncing up and down too much. Usually big swings means you’re taking too much T, smaller more frequent injections is key.

For me first few days was great, then spent the second week crashing and third week it felt like things calmed down even though I was below normal range. I can understand why you enjoy the calm before the storm.

I’ve been on for a year trying different combinations. If you don’t mind me asking what is your dosage and do you do arimidex and how often? I am desperate to get this right.


Post your labwork, not just the hormones. And we need lab ranges.

You can edit your post and fix it. What is “brone”.
WTF? "stroganoff "

If 180 mg T per week, that is a lot.

Arimidex/anastrozole is a competitive drug VS T and need to match T levels. Most guys would need 0.8mg anastrozole with each 80mg T injection.

PSA if >40

E2 too high or too low? That is why you need to do lab work.

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thank you sooooo much!!! Im getting labs done this week for
estrodial and Testosterone. Maybe it will give me more insight. My dr.
has me on 210 a week and I was taking .5mg of anstrozole once a week and my
estrogen was around 8 and I felt like crap. It crazy my Estrogen is either
too high or too low. That seems to be the hardest thing to get dialed in is
my estrogen.

At the beginning I was on 200mg every 10 days, now I’m on 75mg weekly with no AI. I don’t require an AI as long as I’m on a more reasonable dose that keeps me below 1000 ng/dL. When I hit 1200+ ng/dL is when E2 starts climbing above range.

did you ever figure out what this was?

r u sure that 180 mg test cyp is a lot? need almost 1 mg of armdex?