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FOG (Over 40) - First Cycle


So I started my first cycle last Sunday 16 January 2017.

Objective is to undo the damage life and a steady diet of depression meds that have impacted everything from my T levels to thyroid etc… With careful short cycles and great PCT I am working on losing the 40+ lbs and getting off all these meds that are being prescribed to counter side effects of other ones and get my T back to mid range.

So I’m on Pharmacom Mix 2 plus AI. I researched and studied for close to a year before starting. So I started with Sub Q of 1 cc end. Problem is pushing that volume through a tiny gauge takes forever and trying to remain steady is nigh on impossible. So second injection resulted in bad internal swelling, pain and heat. That’s been addressed by heat and deep massage.

So I fixed it, switched to IM today. Other than the psychological issue of a long needle it’s almost painless and the time start to finish is minutes not 30 minutes with the insulin needles.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll update over the next 3 weeks and see how it goes. I’ve baselined my big lifts and am focusing on lean strength and durability plus balance between front and back, side to side etc… Plan is 4 cycles to step through progressively.


Sorry but cycling steroids is not going to ‘undo damage’ as described. If anything you have the potential to make things worse. I would recommend TRT through a recommended clinic over cycling to reach your goals. With labs and a good doc’s advice (also hard work) you will reach your goals without the higher risks.