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FODMAP Diet Trouble


Hi all, i’m Rob, been a reader here for awhile and wanted to get some feedback. I have symptoms of ibs-c, never officially diagnosed but have had constipation, gas, cramps, bloating and movement discomfort all my life.
In an effort to ease the symptoms I have tried a paleo and fodmap style diet off and on for two years or so. The trouble is, it seems everytime I follow this my constipation and cramps get worse, especially if I am trying to follow the autoimmune protocol.

Currently I’m eating white rice/rice cakes, white potatoes, oats, raw nuts/butters, bagged tuna, frozen chicken, frozen spinach, blueberries and bannanas. I also throw a quarter cup of sauerkraut in my smoothies.

Far as I know none of these are high fodmap but I have had trouble going for almost a week without laxatives, its been like this for almost two weeks. Im really stumped and not sure what to do.
Strangely enough, when i eat crappier stuff(corn/wheat/beer/pizza,etc) I am able to go easier and more regularly.
Anyone have any similar experiences?


Based on what you wrote, what you are doing is not right for you.

I would stop doing that.


Yes for me it was oats and also sweet potato. I stopped oats and felt instantly better. Then tried gluten free ones and was fine.

would maybe try gluten free oats for a while and see if it’s any better.

next steps would be to consult a doctor and push for testing.


I wouldn’t have thought of sweet potato as a problem but i could see gluten as potentially problematic. Honestly if none of the stuff that’s supposedly helps is working i should start experimenting more, like I said I often have better results with grains and corn and beer, maybe have pureed stuff for awhile. Definitely need to see a GI and find out if its anything really serious.


I would not have thought so either but I can assure you it is a real thing! There is some chemical in it different from normal potato which can cause digestion issues. A quick Google and I’m sure you will find the info

elimination and experiment is the only way forward really without getting testing.