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Fod Log..

Well guys and gals, I thought I’d share something. I’ve been managing my diet for 14 months now. A few days ago I finally started a food log. And as you’ve already guested, what I thought I was doing and what I was doing were to different stories. Turns out I’m getting more calories, carbs., and protein than I thought. So I now know I need more protein than 295grams to grow…just thought that was interesting and wanted to share.

More than 295 to grow? I think you already have enough to grow.

Yeah-I thought so too. Before I make an adjustment I will need to look at my training program. I workout 4-5 days a week at a free little gym my company provides to their employees. It’s not a real gym, just some machines, and a few cement weights for a bench, maxing out at 160lbs. So with those limitations and not having a partner to help with spotting, I’ll wait until I’m in a real gym before making any adjustments.

Have you checked out John Berardi’s site yet? It has a calorie calculator program on it. Just fill in the blanks and it figures out how many kcals you need “to grow”, and then use whatever ratio you want to get those kcals. Hope this helps. Herc