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Focusing/Preparing to Lift


Ok maybe this sounds strange but just before I start my lift I tend to try and hyperventilate and growl a bit to my self just to get me prepped and ready. It may sound odd but this really makes me attack that bar like a fucking maniac.

Does anyone else use this kind of techniques? Do share!


I hear you and used to do this until just recently. I have now chenged to settling down in the rest and just before the lift. just breath natuirl try and relax and conserve that energy then right as I attack the lift, take that breath and focus that old wasted energy and use it ALL on the lift.

I have found doing this as opposed to the old breathing hard getting worked up method I can lift more and in better form etc. Also seem to recover a LOT better between sets.

That my New take anyway. I try to do all I can to rest during Rest perods and relax and the focus all that and use it to lift.



Well I used to stay relaxed, but this just makes me lethargic. In a calm state I do 4-5 reps less than in a worked up state.


Doing that sounds like you're lifting more weight for more reps than would be optimal for recovery and growth. In other words, if you did that for most of your sets you would overtrain your CNS very quickly.


Honestl;y I think you are Over playing this "overtraining" thing. as an excuse Not to work hard. Sure you can overtrain but the body can also adapt to Major stressors . But you must teach it to do so by giviong it HIGH stress.


Iam allmost in a zen state. I take the phone off the hook, lock up the house, go down the back and dedicate myself to lifting for an hour.

I might get a little worked up, not hyperventillate.... just take anything and i mean ANYTHING to motivate myself.... think of anything over the last few days that pisses me off, that makes me want to be stronger and just DO IT.... sometimes its really hard... i dont have complete mental control... i suffer from apathy... but i get it done using whatever i can... and thats important.


Totally agree. I remember one time specifically in my sophmore year in high school, I was trying to power clean 205. I tried getting worked up and that didn't do anything. Once I totally relaxed and concentrated on being quick and limber, I power cleaned it with ease.


I think this is like Staley talked about and to do with the personality. High strung people would tend to do better relaxing and would just OVERdue iot if they tried to hype up thier allready Hypeed selves and more low key people could use the other router,.

Find what work. Just for me im finding that is relax focsu and Friggin Bring it.


No knock against pound4pound (I haven't read many of your posts), but I would tend to agree. Look at John Davies workouts. People would always criticize him for his high stress workouts, but you know, he produced great results (whatever you think of unstable surface training).

Up until modern equipment, farmers had to do high stress work every day, all year.

Or the Bulgarian O lifters.

Or european strongmen.

Or elite military units. Sure, different kind of stress, but if you can make it through the blitzkrieg and mental breakdown of BUD/S and Hell week, you can do anything.

90% of all overtraining is mental.

Besides, that's what off weeks are for.