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Focusing on upper body

Ok everyone i have a problem, my lower body is way bigger then my upper. im 175lbs, 12%, 19, 5’9". My upper legs are 23.5" and my calfs are 15.5". My arms are only 13.25" and not sure on the chest but it’s weak. So i have decided to focus on a 12week cycle to even out my body. I am going to do 12weeks to super strength. My lower body workout will consist of 1 set for quads, 1 for hams, and 1 for calfs per week. Do you guys think that that is enough to keep my strength and size of my legs while adding size to my upper body. anyones thoughts…coach D. Also my diet is i order, eating about 750 cals over maintance and 200g’s of protein.

you’ve been blessed with great natural size on your legs - I wouldn’t change a thing. Make everyone admire what a Clydsdale you are. I dont know if that was what you are looking for but you can always ask more. In faith, Coach Davies

Joel try to keep a balance in your training. Try different set and rep combos till you find one that works for your upper body.

JESSIE- sorry about the book, i need to copy the 12 week cycle and the ab training program in the back. i’ll get it back to you either friday or saturday. SORRY

coach D. the problem is i can look at a squat rack and my legs will grow. When I was 190lbs my quads were 25.75" and my calves were 16.75" and my weak little twig arms were only 14.25". For some reason it just seems like a huge umbalance to me. I love Arnolds body, huge arms,21" or so and his legs were only 28". Looked awesome, On the other hand Tom platts had the opposite and it just doesn’t apeal to me the same way.

If you think your legs are big, and your upper body is small, where do you have the 12% body fat? Have you tried getting leaner then that, maybe around 8% bf. Maybe you should lose some fat layer. How are your strength levels with proportion to your leg size? I used to think that my legs were big compared to my upper body, but I just started working out correctly and everything has grown in proportion. I would not neglect legs because you need the growth hormone release and metabolic boost that leg training provides. I also started doing deadlifts this year which had given me a big upper body boost considering that your arms are holding all that weight up. laters pk

Some of us have to WORK for our leg gains, so STOP CRYING :frowning: - seriously though, I’ve always wanted big sick legs…very functional, and in this day and age, rare. If you say your legs grow at the hint of rain, then you should be OK to just maintain and concentrate on upper body without losing anything downstairs.

If your legs grow that easy good for you, now if you want balance you still have to do a large mass compound movement so if I was you I would still do calfs but change from squats to deads, they WILL pack mass on your body and they should atleast keep your legs up to par. I think they are THE BEST mass exercise there is and they will stress your upper body more than squats. peace

i agree about the deadlifts. let the good times roll!!! Your shoulders and back will get rock hard. Good luck with gripping the weight. if its hard use the alternate grip the powerlifters use. make sure you use correct form and warm up sufficiently. you can easily pull a lot of muscles with this compound movement. laters pk

My hubby has your problem - his legs look like he’s been training 10 years or more, his upper body gives away that he’s only been training for two. He’s got legs like tree trunks.