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Focusing on One Movement


First, I wish to thank you for your patience with me.
It's true. I am better off focusing on 1 movement. My following question sounds kinda dumb based on what i just said, but I'd like to ask anyway.
Can the focus of 1 movement be for 3 separate types of movements. In other words, Bench, Squat, Cleans. That's my basic split now.
So, rather than try to increase my Squat, Front squat, and Overhead squat, just focus on one of them?

Cleans, Snatch, SGHP, the same?
I would like to increase, Bench, Squat, ,Clean .
Currently I am at: and would like to go to:
Bench 285-----300
Squat 325-----350
Clean 205----250(power clean from hang)

I believe that if I focus on those 3 lifts with the 10 day-Activate, Ramp, Density, Carries Layers, I could achieve these by year end.
I would use as my activators, Push Press, Sghp, Sghp.
On my 3 minis, should I use the 1,3,6 Rep Max scheme?
Or just the 1RM, or 3RM, or 1 and 3?
And for Squats, would it be wise to do Squats, Dead Squats, Squats, or, just Squat, Squat, Squat?


That's totally fine. One approach I use often with clients is to use a 3 weeks phase where I use regular lifts, lifts from pins and lifts with a pause and for the other phase I only use the regular lift.


That is super. The variations can keep you from getting "stale".
I noticed 2 things in my pursuit.

1.Power Cleans get my Quads sore as heck. So I put my Clean day before my Squat day, trying to have more juice for the Cleans, with little carryover to the Squat.
This week I am flipping it around, doing Squats first, and Cleans next. Let's see what happens.

2.For some reason when I am mentally focused on a certain lift, my other lifts drag a bit. I'm guessing it's some psychological thing where my thoughts are so much with that 1 lift, that even on the other days, I am thinking about the main 1.
Maybe I need some "Brain Capacity"- :slightly_smiling: