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Focused Upper Body Hypertrophy

I haven’t trained for much of 2012 because I was searching for a good gym in my new city and couldn’t find one. Since mid-December, I’ve found a new one and I like it. It has 2 power racks.

I’ve been using Plazma for 4-6 weeks now and got great results. I got discipline dialed in too, skipping meal is now very uncommon.

I’m back to where my strenght was
Front squat 1rm between 275 and 300
Deadlift 1rm a little above 315
Bench press 1 RM between 185 and 200
Nothing impressive, but it’S proportionate

I still want more strength, I’d like a 315 FS within 6 months and achieve 405 someday. I’d like to deadlift 405 within 6 mo as well and bench 225 for reps.

My current training regimen is highly inspired by John Meadows’ reactive pump, but still different because I don’t have access to all of the required equipment.

With this, my thigh have grown a lot!! Well, so much that I don’t want them to hypertrophy anymore. My pants are thigh and finding well-fitting suits pants or even fashionable jeans is much harder with big thigh (At least at my shorter height).

I would like to concentrate hypertrophy on my upper boddy (shoulder, back, pectorals) but spare my lower body. I still want to gain strength in my leg, as mentionned earlier, but I don’t want more size.

I read your post about olympic lifter that try to gain strength without moving their weight up and I found it very interesting

Basically what I planned was to train shoulder and chest in 2 weekly session and back once a week according to reactive pump program and leg twice a week with high intensity but very low volume (at least compared to what I’m used).

For the legs, I wanted to ramp up triple and double up, up to a total of 10 reps above 90% for front squat and use a total of 15-20 total cluster reps spread through 5-6 sets above 85% for deadlift and do both lifts twice a week.

Again, my goal is to hypertrophy upper body and gain strength-only in lower limbs.

Any suggestions or hints to reach this goal are welcome :slight_smile: