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Focused Routine

Before a lot of members criticized me for having too many exercises in one routine such as combining squats with deadlifts on the same day. From what used to be two days of bench and two days of squat focus, it has since changed to four different focused days with repeated concentration on arms and back. Was curious though, since employing the 5-3-1 and BBB methods in my routine, it feels that I am not as sore after a workout in the muscles of concentration. Am I doing it wrong? I do come ridiculously close to failure on that last rep, but after that seems to be no soreness at all. So just curious if this is what is normal from switching over from an even higher volume routine?

Also, ignore the decimal numbers, they are just the output percentages used by Excel for the 5-3-1 routine.

Forget about soreness as a measure of progress. Use the numbers in your training log to gauge whether you are making progress or not.

You will not get much soreness working in the 1-5 rep range.

So use to complete exhaustion, just feels weird to not come out of the gym completely drained.

I felt the same way. But when my numbers started going up with what seemed like very little effort, I was more than a little surprised.

Am I right in making the assumption that your goals include higher lift numbers rather than bigger measurements?

Just looking at your numbers, you really need to focus on your back and shoulders for a while. A 250 DL is WAY below where it should be, and your shoulder press max is what I would expect for your military press.

What are your ‘accessory’ lifts? You didn’t list them on the chart. It looks like you’re just using a back-off set at the end of the 5-3-1 movement, but I could be wrong.

The deadlift and shoulder press max numbers are temporary for now since those have never been a real staple of my workouts thought I know they are necessary at this point. Accessory lifts are just 5x10 and lately they have been a way for me to focus on form. Probably not a great way, but after 5-3-1 sets it feels like my form is beginning to waver a bit and the 5x10 set are for me a way to end a workout with proper form basically building muscle memory. They were also a part of the Bigger But Boring supplement to the 5-3-1, but for me it is just a way to end an exercise recognizing proper form.

Deadlifts have been my crutch since a back injury from high school exacerbated by a car injury and shoulder presses were backed off of as well because of a strain in my rotator cuff from a similar incident. The numbers are low, but for now, I would rather start off safe and gradually bump up when I feel comfortable. Basically get the movement down and know that everything is properly aligned and the movement is efficient. I have pulled a deadlift beyond 300 pounds, but form broke down and my back began to experience intense pain the next morning. Right now, it is just a matter of comfort.

And thanks Jay, its good to know someone who was in the same boat. The bigger guys at the gym just gave me “if you are not sore then you are not working hard enough” or “you should feel like you are about to die after every set.” Not quite sure, but that seems like the wrong approach.

You’re doing big but boring but then you have all these other exercises…for hypertrophy?

Anything that is the ten to ten plus range is hypertrophy. Sorry, but there may be something missing from your post TisDrew. What was the concern or question?