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Focused recovery

I’ve got a misguided idea about recovery. Bare with me here. You see a lot of newbies that don’t train their legs when they start. I didn’t either. The guys that eat and train well and hit upper body hard often seem to get fast results. I understand the newbie effect but I’m wondering about the whole recovery process. If recovery involves bodywide resources, wouldn’t it make sense to spare these resources as much as possible for targeted areas? I mean I’m fairly proportional but I’d like to bring my chest and bi’s up. If I only worked chest and bi’s for say 2 weeks shouldn’t I see gains there without lbm loss elsewhere.

Id add some light general maintenance work to prevent detraining.

Does this make sense though?

This makes perfect sense. This all goes back to the concept of ‘prioritization’. I’d probably add a few sets of maintenance work for the other bodyparts though.

Ok. Based on feedback on my pics from this site (and others) I’ve elected to prioritize my weak areas (upper chest, rear delts, abs, hamstrings, and biceps). I’m going to do HIT style routine to generally maintain and target my weak areas 3 times/week with higher volume. Also did the external rotor test mentioned in the article about Balance. Could easily do 20x10 but I’m going to add these to my shoulder routine.