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Focus on Strength or Power at First?


I'm a dancer and it's been about two years since I've even touched weights back when I played on the football team. I used to do hang cleans, squats, etc.

The priorities for the sport activity I'm in now--dance-- explosiveness is an integral quality needed rather than, say, the raw strength to lift 300-500 lbs. Yet, I understand that Power is limited and only advanced further by Strength.

I would LOVE to focus solely on power first but not if by skipping strength I will block my own progress in gaining even more explosiveness out of my movement and/or lifts.
What should I do? Anyone with any advice? Sorry if this question has been asked before-- I couldn't find it in the search.


It depends on what strengths and weaknesses you are starting out with. Are you normally very explosive or are you slow and tend to grind out the reps when lifting? If you normally tend to be slower, then you might need to incorporate some power movements into your routine. If not, then your time would better be spent increasing your strength.


Thank you so much for this.

Here is an interesting article on here, that I just so happened to find, that confirms what you posted!:

I guess I just won't know until I get back in the gym.