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Focus on increasing squat weight

Im 18 years old, 6", and about 200 lbs with the following lifts
Press: 115
Squat: 170
Bench: 180
Deadlift: 320
As you can tell I have a pretty low squat and it pisses me off that I’m not pushing much weight. I still have good form and stay patient but if my goal is to have a really good squat, what template would you recommend. I’ve read the original book and own beyond 5/3/1 but I’m not sure what template can help me reach my goal. I know in a past thread Wendler said he doesn’t really recommend the more squatting template and I wouldn’t be able to go 5 times a week anyways. Thanks in advance

You don’t have a “low squat”, you have a low everything. You should also check the way you deadlift, I suspect you might be deadlifting with rather improper form (lower back rounding) which is why there is such a huge difference so between your squat/deadlift so far. Either that or your leverages are very advantageous for the deadlift and disadvantageous for the squat. If you’re really worried, post a video of both your squat/deadlift. As for the rate of increase, I’ll just quote Jim.

“Each lift will NOT increase at the same time. This is normal. Keep plugging away. The breakthrough will eventually come.” - Jim Wendler

When I was in football I was very ignorant and never squatted below parallel or even parallel but I do now. I deadlift with correct form, it’s really a simple lift. And yea I know all my lifts are low but my goal is to catch my squat up to par.

If that’s the case, don’t sweat it, your squat will catch up soon enough. You basically had a head start on your deadlift, give it a couple of months. Believe in the process, it’ll get you there.

Should I atleast be squatting 2-3 times a week instead of just once. I’m doing triumvirate 4 days a week now

Just do as the program says pal.

Check out the Full Body program in the Beyond book. It has you squatting 3 times a week. Worked out great for me.

Okay I’ll pull out my book and check it out, the power clean variation also looked pretty fun

There are lifting programs where you squat 3 times a week and multi-day challenges. I took a challenge in which I squatted every day for 21 days, alternating heavy weight, low reps, with light weight, high reps, and gained 7 kilograms while being complimented on losing weight.