Focus on Back/Legs for a Bit

Any suggestions for something to try to hammer my legs/back for 4-6 weeks on a more frequent basis?

I don’t mind going into maintenance mode on bench and military (even though my military is POOR).

I need to catch my deadlift and particularly my squat up to what they should be, and I think I need to hit them more often than I am right now. My leg strength is obviously incredibly poor. I am doing a ‘focus on starting strength’ session today and getting someone to critique me.

My 5-3-1 log so far is here:

I’m thinking some sort of a 4-6 week program where I maintain chest/shoulders and hammer legs/back twice a week perhaps? Historically I respond better to once every 3-5 days rather than once a week which 5-3-1 has me doing now.

Advice appreciated

Your question(s) are kinda all over the place… you want to “focus” on back and legs for a while. Does this mean you aren’t happy with their size, their strength, or both?

Then you’re talking about improving your deadlift and squat numbers, and that you’re doing a “focus on starting strength” workout. Was that a single workout, or is it a temporary phase you’re doing?

And you said you respond better to training every 3-5 days, instead of what your current program has you doing. So…

A) I’m wondering why you’re on your current program, if your general priorities seem to have changed. 531 is a great template and pretty versatile, but regardless of that, if you think/know that you respond best to a different way, you might want to revert back to what’s worked in the past.

B) I’m wondering if size or strength is more important to you, since the ideal training for either will be a bit different.

and C) I’m wondering whether you want to prioritize your back, your legs, your deadlift, or your squat, since the best results will happen when you have just one priority at a time.

Hm…interesting points. I will try to address below:

  • I’ve been trying 5/3/1 out and it has been getting results for sure, but I’ve been doing it since June and the body needs to switch up. Priorities haven’t really changed…I’m just discovering over time that while 5/3/1 is good and I will no doubt either continue it or come back to it, a 4-6 week change might be a good shock for the body and allow me to tighten up some of my weak areas. John’s back specialization program is what tweaked me to this.

  • I do a strength focus with hypertrophy accessory sets. Strength matters first, size second.

  • When I say I want to prioritize back it is to get my deadlift better, as back is my sticking point.

  • When I say I want to prioritize legs it is to get my squat better as my squat sucks horribly.

I am 6’2" 195#, my squat 1rm should be higher than around 240# and my deadlift should be higher than 365#. My bench 1rm is around 270# and I am happy with that. From what I gather from reading tnation the past 5-6 years I ‘probably’ need to get larger in order to get that strength so I’m not sure the two are entirely unrelated.