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Focus on a Body Part ?



I'm 18 y.o., 172cm, 65 kg. I'm trying now to focus in my training on my pecs, cause it's the weak part of my body.
I'm a bodyweight addict, so no weightlifting for me. It's been a week now since i started training my pecs each 3 days, i make sessions of 45', high intensity (lot of pushups). I also eat a lot of food with high proteins.

Do you think 3 days is enough rest if i only train my pecs ?
When I train my pecs, i often have to stop because my arms get sore (i do a LOT of pushups, inclined, indepth, ...), do you know some bodyweight exercises that really focus on the chest ?

Thank you!


You would be the doll in this exercise.



Prepare for the onslaught!


I'll be serious. 1. At 65kg everything is a weak point so don't just focus on your pecs, 2. Do you only train pecs? because that's a terrible way to train. 3. Is there any other reason why you don't lift weights besides "i'm a bodyweight addict." because I'd reccomend starting. 4. Squats and milk.


I almost hope this is a troll job


You mean, you don't think he's serious :wink: LOL





It certainly looks like it to me.