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Focus Factor

Alright T-Peeps. I’m looking for some input on some supplements and/or nutritional substances (preferably legal) that serve to enhance: Mental Clarity, Mood, State of Mind, Focus, Well-Being etc. Now, I’m not exactly looking for a quick fix or stimulant type of supplement that would necessarily provide a Quick Punch. Rather, I was thinking of something that would be taken on a daily basis to heighten the almighty Focus Factor and Unstoppable Confidence. I realize that ephedrine products tend to do this quite well, but do not really want to resort to that type of substance that also leads to getting all Jacked Up!. Something more along the lines of a calmed, yet powerful, focus. I recall products like Vinpocetine and amino acids like Tyrosine proving beneficial. If anyone has any input and/or suggestions of particular supplements, I would greatly appreciate this. Thanks, kids. Have a Beautiful Day!

I’ve become a huge fan of Power Drive.

I've always been a fan of 15 to 20-minutes of solitude where I spend time focus on me and what I need to do. Also, I write ALOT down. This helps with my focus.

Um, Timbo, Power Drive?

Drink me.

Doh! Should’ve mentioned that I’m familiar with the omnipotence and efficacy of Power Drive. I haven’t busted it out for a while, and I’m pretty sure I’ve still got some left, so I’ll have to give it a go.

Do you think that it would be okay to use Power Drive on a daily basis? Again, this is not really for training performance, per se. But, obviously, anything that enhances training performance is desired. What I meant was that I wouldn't necessarily take as a pre-training stimulant.

Trish, great call on the reflections. I'm a highly reflective, goal-oriented individual, but I've strayed somewhat from taking that extra time to write down my thoughts and goals.

I was really looking for that something that gives one that feeling of Euphoria...you know, where you're walking around thinking: "I'm the Man (or Wo-man)!

Well, Timbo: I’ll be honest with ya. I too, have been rather ahem irresponsible lately regarding writing down thoughts, goals, etc. in my journal. My journal consists of both sketches, doodles and daily reflections. And due to that damn flu bug (which finally left me) and a art project that had been taking up WAAAAAAY too much of my time, I hadn’t had the time. And due to that: my life has felt rather garbled.

NOW, I've begun again (this week, actually). And all seems to be coming together. Got rid of that art project that wasn't paying me enough (considering the time I had to spend on it) and I'm getting back to being all smiles and happy thoughts again.

ALOT of that is due to spending that 15-20 minutes of reflection. While I use Power Drive, not just for pre-training, but for days where I'll be doin' alot of artwork and require extra concentration. I don't take Power Drive everyday, but maybe every other day.

I’m a huge fan of pussy! Yes, it can actually be a distraction, but if you keep your focus on the tasks you hope to accomplish it will truly make the mind and body much more powerful!

Jacked up or Calm, Powerful Focus?

Well, that all depends on your use of the pussy. Because it can easily "Jack your ass up! or it can help promote a Calm, yet Powerful Focus!

Yes, Pussy does have its benefits!

Now is the time to use pussy to help you concentrate on the tasks at hand, my boy.

Now go out and get yourself some fresh, warm, juicy pussy!. I guarantee that it will be all that you hope for and need for this Calm, yet Powerful Focus you so truly desire!

You Can Do It!

Holy Shiest! Nate Diggity, where the hell is your mind at, bro!?! Nevermind:-) That was totally unexpected. Might be worth a shot, though (grin) I can say that it would probably keep on Positive-Minded and slightly Arrogant. May be the missing ingredient, but…

I'm going to go with my girl Trish (grin) So that's the explanation for your brief hiatus, eh, Trish? Damn flu bug got ya? Well, get your beautiful lil' buns in here! I do know that I feel more confident and focused when I commit myself to the Daily Journal. It holds me more responsible for my actions and keeps me in line. Who wants to write down: Dayum! I trained like a pansy! or I ate like that big fat slob that works at the office. Not I, says T-Rock.

It's just that sometimes the focus gets a little fuzzy...but then other times, it's just Unstoppable Confidence! I realize that I can harness this power through reflection and journaling, but I was just intrigued to see whether there were specific products for this Euphoria.

Timbo, what’s up, patnah! Vinpocetine is pretty good as is Huperzine. When I got off MD6 I used Power Drive and Vinpocetine before workouts and had some pretty intense sessions. A couple other good ones if your budget allows for them are acetyl l-carnitine and phosphatidylserine. For most people dosage is pretty high as is the cost. Anywhere from 3-7 g. ALC and 600-800 mg. PS. I learned of these from an old Poliquin article, but he also cautioned not to exceed a weekly dosage of more than 2400 mg. PS. I used these two when I was on Meltdown and it did help. I bought bulk powder of ALC from Beyond A Century as it’s a lot cheaper than the pills.

I would try the PD/Vinpocetine first as they’re much more cost-effective and you can always go from there. Good luck!

Your body can produce all the neurotransmitters you need. All you have to do is get it going. So try self-hypnosis with an audio tape, or use a hypnotherapist, to give yourself an ‘anchor’ to use. With that anchor (say, pressing a part of your hand) you can have a post-hypnotic suggestion triggered that will increase your focus, drive, concentration, and energy. An anchor can last a few months before requiring refreshing, if you don’t go overboard, use it only when you need it.

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I know Nate Dogg sound like he’s just joking around, but I think you should take the advice seriously. Whenever I have built up sexual tension, I can’t seem to do anything right unless it involves my hands, privacy, and porn. Get some release, man!

That aside, I have been taking St. Johns Wort and Gingko Bilboa for about 2 weeks twice a day and have noticed better study sessions and more organized first drafts of assignments. I did the same thing in the Border Patrol academy, which is one of the hardest law enforcement academies there is both academmically and physically and it seemed to help a lot with the stress and studying. I know this sounds pretty generic and I guess I will get some flames over this being just a placebo effect, but I just thought I’d try and help. The beauty of it is the low cost. One monthe will probably cost you about 20 dollars, so if it doesn’t work you didn’t lose out on much. Also as a side note… I don’t know why, but my libido has gone up as well. I don’t know why, but it may have to do with the reduced stress levels that come with working full time, studying, and trying to read up on all these forums. OK, all, time for the “placebo” flames!

I’m free, and I increase Mental Clarity, Mood, State of Mind, Well-Being, and Focus Factor. Sorry, but you’re going to have to call Tony Robbins for the Unstoppable Confidence™.

Take ginseng just make sure the ginseng product you buy has ginsenosides because this is the active ingredient that make ginseng worth taking and some ginseng products dont have them.

I don’t know what that sleep message was all about, but it reminded me that lately I have also been taking melatonin at night and forcing myself to get a full 8 hrs rest each night and that seems to have really picked me up lately, combined with what I mentioned before, of course. Once again, feel free to blame this on the placebo effect, but it has worked for me. BTW… as expected from former knowledge, the stack of the St.John’s wort and the Ginkgo Bilboa takes a couple of weeks to kick in. Still, this is all cheap stuff, so you really don’t lose out either way.

Thanks, everyone, who so graciously added comments and experiences. Even pot and sleep made an appearance! While I will work on increasing the latter, the former will remain sidelined.

Montie...Thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions. I was hoping that you'd make your way on here, as I'm quite fond of your supplemental experience. Like I said, I've got some PD, so I'll give that a go. I don't think I was ever on Vinpocetine for a long enough duration...what's the dosage for that bad-boy, patnah

Gary...I really appreciate you sharing your experiences as well. As far as the herbs go, what have you noticed to be optimal dosing? Also, as I'm not real familiar with herbs, what type of standardization do you look for in the two? And for melatonin--which I think could be a positive addition to my arsenal seeing that I seem to get a second wind late in the evening--what's the dosage on that, and when is taken relative to nighty-night time?

Thanks, everyone.

Gary–Melatonin always gave me the weirdest dreams and nightmares. Really vivid stuff, like tripping out while I was asleep. Do you have the same problem?

dogchild - It’s impossible for melatonin to give you nightmares. But it will increase REM sleep (which is good) thus giving you more dream time, thus increasing the chance of having a bad dream since you’re simply dreaming more.

Yeah, I get some freaky dreams, but I kinda like 'em. I never remember them, though. Sometimes the melatonin doesn’t get the job done, thou because I also seem to get that second wind at around 10 PM. On these nights, usually on my non-training days, I do a shot of vodka at about 8PM. Go ahead and trash me, now. I know this isn’t the greatest place to mention that.
As for dosages… I don’t remember right now, but I just take the recommended daily dose once in the morning and once again at lunch. That’s the Ginkgo and St.J’s Wort, of course, not the melatonin. They are all just some basic generic brand that they sell at the commissary here in Vienna and they seem to work fine. Did I mention that this was some cheap stuff? I love to get good results for next to nothing! Just take the recommended 3mg. for the melatonin, but take it an hour or so before beddy-bye. Hope this all helps.

Timbo – it’s been suggested by other posters, but I’ll reiterate here: gingko biloba (increases blood flow to the brain), ginseng (I suggest siberian ginseng as opposed to panax), and St. John’s Wort. With the St. John’s Wort, though, you want to cycle it. I’d also suggest making sure you get a good regimen of DHA going (lots of omega-3s).