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Foam Rolling


Foam rolling, tennis ball, "the stick", pipes etc... When doing active release work, how much should it hurt?

Is it kind of like stretching where you go to the point of moderate discomfort and stop, or should I go all the way and try to inflict as much pain as possible hahahaha?

What have you gotten the best results with?


It hurts for sure can be brutal but so is deep tissue massage. Can bring friggin tears to your eyes at times but its GOOD pain LOL

just keep at it and reap the rewards. LOL



The pain has a direct relationship to how badly you need it.


If it hurts alot, then you need to do even more foam rolling. If there's a spot that hurts alot, just take it slow over that area. Do not stop though. In time, the pain won't be as bad.


No Pain, No Gain