Foam Rolling Routine

Anyone have a routine/regimen they use with their foam roller? How long do you focus on each body part? How many parts do you perform a day? And when do those days align with your workout? I need to start using my foam roller more often but I want to know the best way to use it.

I use foam rollers all the time.
I take about 30-45 mins a day to do this when i’m free watching TV go go thru it slowly…
But before i work out, i’ll just do a quick one focusing on the most tender spots and then get it thru with it within 5-10 mins.

The thing about soft tissue work is to do it frequently and consistently.

I usually do a few minutes in the morning after I get out of bed to loosen up. I’ll usually focus on the muscles I’ll be training at the gym that day.

I also will do 15-20 minutes when I get home from work (also while watching TV), but this second session is targeted stuff for my hips as they are very tight and I’m trying to work out some IT band/hip issues right now.

Also, on the weekends when I have more time, I’ll try to do longer sessions where I’ll try to do the whole body.

I’ve started to use the foam routine in Cressey’s Max Strength and feel it’s working well. Great resource for $15 at your local bookstores.

I work at a gym, so if I’m feeling sore/tight I’ll use it 4-5 x a day.

Generally (I have flat feet), I find my calves, hamstrings, glutes, piriformis are the worst off so I’ll spend maybe 5 mins doing those areas.

After a leg day, quads will be sore so I’ll hit those up as well along with the hams, glutes/piri again.

Find a tight spot I’ll stay on it 30 secs and also roll back and forth an inch in each direction