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Foam Rolling Question?


I was wondering what kind of difference it would make to flex one knee and foam roll the quad of the flexed knee. Do you think it would be a good idea or bad one aside from the fact that it might be awkward.


i find i get a better quality session the more relaxed the target muscle is


When I roll my quads, I first do them extended, but after they're a little loosened up, will actually bend my knee up behind me like a hurdler's stretch (I'm usually face down on the roller) to get a deeper stretch in the Rectus Femoris, and hopefully really dig it out good (hurts like hell by the way).



any tips for rolling the inner thigh/groin?

I keep my knee bent and at about waist level but it doesn't feel the same as when I roll everything else.


i hold my leg straight and out at a right angle from my torso. roll along the adductor towards / away from the torso. probably puts them a bit on stretch in that position.


rolling from a variety of positions can't hurt. it literally may hurt, but it will benefit you.

basically theres no wrong way to foam roll. its a benign activity with great upside.


Yes. Roll on top a a softball(girls baseball), kind of like how Alexus described.

Hurts like mofo.