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Foam Rolling Question

Hi all. Not really sure where to post this.

I just foam rolled for the first time and damn, DAMN. Anyway, I did it on a carpet and my elbows and forearms got kinda “burned” or something. Is there a mat or platform available that’s smoother to roll on? Or am I doing something wrong? Appreciate help, thanks.

man up? wear long sleeves? increase iq?

Carpet hasn’t been an issue for me. If I roll on hardwood floors, I fold a pair of sweatpants or use a throw pillow.

Push with your foot more, pull with your arms less. If you have to set your arms down, try to use your hands more, elbows less. Lots of videos on YouTube and here, to check your form. I like to roll near a wall, which I can use to brace a foot against for leverage.

When you foam roll there is no need for rocking or any quick movements, so I have no idead how your getting carpet burn. You must be foam rolling wrong.

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sounds jacked up be careful and just don’t go crazy… you could get a mat… someone gave me one but I just do it on the carpet

You don’t need to slide your hand or arms around, so don’t.

Support yourself with your hands.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
man up? wear long sleeves? increase iq? [/quote]

Fucking LOL.