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Foam Rollers


Which foam rollers do u guys recommend? Im interested in getting one.




I from Canada, I get it from here.

best $23 bucks I ever spent



I believe mine is 6" x 3'.


$23??? The site lists them for $6. Or did you get more than one and added in shipping?


Oh, you got the 36" one.


If you have trouble finding one or dont want to order off the net Coach Poliquin said that you can use one of the water noodles.


There are two links here:


Stay strong


I went to these 2 links and looked at the foam rollers but theres so many different types. I i guessing i should get the full round one (not the half) but what size should i get? 12x6 or 36x6?

Im 5'6 and about 140-145 if that is important to know.

Thanks alot



www.optp.com - $18.15
www.fwonline.com - 13.50
www.performbetter.com - $16.95

But, I bought a large "super" or "max" noodle at Kmart for $3.00 and compared it to the real ones I bought at fwonline and they are fine. The only difference is that the noodle is a little smoother. I'm looking to buy a urethane one since we wear out the others so fast.

If you go to Performbetter.com they have a great .PDF with lots of good Myofascial release stuff for the rollers. It's in their "Training Zone"



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I just received a 6" x 24", and it's long enough to work the back perpendicular to the spine, but not parallel to it. Depending on what you want it for, you might want the 36" one.

And it hurts like hell on the ITB! I've been led to believe this is actually a good thing. I hope so...


Definitely get 36x6. 12x6 is way too small. Well, I don't know exactly what you need a foam roller for. That would help, but whatever 12x6 can do, 36x6 can do too, and more than that.

I got one this spring for my bursistis. Pretty much "cured" it, but I still keep it in my bedroom in case I need it again. It has lost its "like new" shape after 2 months of daily usage but still worked fine during those flaring-up days.


I am looking into a foam roller because i tryed one out, and i felt a bunch of "hot spot" and would like to loosen them up. I also feel that the foam roller would aid in recovery after a workout or basketball game (i play basketball once or twice a week.)