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Foam Roller vs Rumble Roller

Has anyone tried or have any opinions about the rumble roller

It looks like it may be a better investment than a standard foam roller because it doesn’t look like it will become crushed and ineffective like typical foam rollers, but I don’t know if that’s actually true.

Any experiences with these?

I have one of the blue ones. Absolutely love it, no crushing yet (had for about 6 months, used every other day)

If you’ve foam rolled before and want something firmer/harder/more aggressive, go for it. I just bought my first foam roller a few days ago (EliteFTS 36x6) and was very surprised by how firm/aggressive it was.

If you have more muscle tissue, you’ll probably want to lean toward a the rumble roller though. I know Mark Bell can’t even use that, he needs to roll on the steel bar in a power cage to get the same effect.

I don’t have a foam roller but I do have a PVC pipe and a rumble roller.

I personally use the pipe for light rolling (e.g. adductors, IT band) and then the rumble roller for large muscle groups. This may seem obvious, but given the knobs and spacing on the rumble roller I’ve found that it’s not very effective on small muscle groups where you’ll end up contacting extremely little of the target. No wear on mine, although I’ve only had it for 4 months or so.

I have PVC pipe, rumble roller and one of those blue foam roller.

If I had to choose one it would be the blue foam roller.


The black rumble roller is so much better than foam roller.

If you’re just trying the rumble out this might be a better deal:


lacrosse ball, PVC pipe. All the soft tissue work paraphernalia you’ll ever need

I love the rumble roller for the large leg and back muscles. It’s a little much for my upper body so I stick with a regular foam roller for my pecs and lats. I’ll use a lax ball for my hips, shoulders, and RC.

I use PVC too. I would use the rumbleroller but it just costs too much for what it really is.

I have the Rumbleroller, and I swear by it. I have A LOT of upper back and trap tightness, and when you position yourself just right, those spikes get all up in there all nice and deep like. Love it.

I’ve abused it plenty, and the spikes haven’t shown any hint of wearing down or anything.

If someone came and stole mine, I would pay double the cost to get a new one if I had to.