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Foam Roller in the UK?


Just read Cressey and Robertson's article about foam rollers and tissue release from a while back, have been experiencing lower back problems for a little while now, and am eager to try this. Only problem is I'm in grad school in the UK, and don't know where to get ahold of a foam roller over here. Anyone know how I can get one, online maybe, in England?


Following TC's MM2K article advice some years ago, got a Monster Fun Noodle from Toys R Us. They are a seasonal product, which appear about April till about Sept though, probbaly aimed at use in gardens and pools, kids break stuff with them indoors.

They have them in Most Toys R Us, got one from Chester and one from Liverpool for example. Very inexpensive.


I bought mine from http://www.totallyfitness.co.uk/CoreAccessories/FoamRoller/index.htm

including p&p I think it was about ?22.


I bought mine from that place as well.

You have to be careful; a lot of the UK stores seem to sell the D shaped versions and often won't specify which one it is.


i just went to a hardware store and got a 4" x 12" PVC pipe.. cost me about a dollar

it's a hard surface though, and will be more painful at first...


Awesome, thanks a bunch for the suggestions and especially for the link. Will buy one from them even though it's a bit pricey.


This will sound kind of dumb at first, but hear me through.

I bought a cat scratching pole for this. It was basically a carpetted wooden cylinder screwed into a wooden base. I just unscrewed the base and rolled on the round part. I did this 12 months ago (much to my cat's disgrace) and it is still going strong.

The part I roll on is solid timber, round, but has a thick layer of carpet on it, so it's not too hard on the back. It works great, and cost me $5 at a junk store.


I found a 6' long roll at the local surplus store (Ax-man in St. Paul, MN) and I think it was around $5. This store has a lot of crazy stuff, but most of things in there have some sort of industrial use. Maybe you should try industrial supliers rather than fitness supliers.


S'funny you said that, the first time I used my roller I was on the floor and the fookin cat pounced on me prob thought I was submitting to him or something, scratched my fuggin arm to hell.


Speaking of cat scratching poles: