Foam Roller In Canada

Someone know a website that sell foam roller in Canada ? Every one I found is back order, and the one from USA, well, the shipping fees are ridiculous.
thx for your help

I have a sneaking suspicion that the markup on these rollers is like 1000%. Maybe try to find a dealer or manufacturer that sells them for another purpose?

I have one but dont quite remember how I got it.

I think I called the company ( and they reffered me to a distribuotr in Winnipeg. It cost me about 35$ CAN for the 3’.

Worth every penny. I’m using it all the time, especially on the outer quads.

Tell me if you succeed in your search as mine is getting pretty beaten down.

Just check out any physio office near you, its where I got mine. It was 35 for the 3 footer where I picked mine up. $23 Call for ordering info.

I purchased the denser version in store for about $45 total.

I got mine from =^D