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Foam Rolled for the First Time


IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe I've been missing this!!

Today's squats were amazing because of it.


Yet again I am getting in on the ground floor a thread that will be epic.




Your supposed to to roll in it, not squat down on it.


I tried rolling with this one time when my left leg hurt. I used it on my right leg so that I'd forget about the pain in my left leg.


Did the foam rolling cure your gout, balance your checkbook, find you a Brazilian supermodel, open up a Roth IRA for you, install granite countertops in your kitchen and provide you with a condensed solution to Fermat's last theorem?

I've heard it's an effective treatment.


I foam roll with an old telephone pole


traumatizing story, bro!


Just a matter of time before this thread gets a parody titled "Rick Rolled for the First Time".


Equally traumatizing story bro, if not more so.


Don't be so sure...LankyMofo put quite an effective stop to parodies.

Let's wait about 4 months then either you or I will make that very parody thread..how shall we choose who starts it?
PAPER...SCISSOR...STONE (Nards throws stone)

your turn:



Wait a minute... since when did Lanky become the Forum Police?
I must've missed the memo.


remember to burn off her fingerprints!


This is not a good idea.



Are you questioning the investment advice of the foam roller? What would you suggest instead?


You must have missed the memo that I'm the mightiest poster in all the lands. Heed my power. Not even X has shit on my abilities.

And Nards - you've been away for awhile, here in the US it's Rock, Paper, Scissors! But I'm going to start calling it stone during my weekly tournaments, fuck with my competitors heads.


Just because I want to post this pic



So you are jealous?