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Foam Roll for Tight Spots?

Hey everyone. I have been doing 5/3/1 for a few cycles but recently I have noticed that sometimes I get sore and tight. For example this morning while squating I noticed my right lat got tight while squating. In the past this tightness had me real sore and went along with a pinched nerve. I was just wondering if foam rolling before hand would help get me in better shape to lift?

You really should be doing some sort of mobility work prior to lifting, and it really does’t hurt to do it on your off days. Jim recommends DeFranco Agile 8, and that article/video is free on T-Nation if you search for it.

I’m not qualified to comment on pinched nerves, but I do know regular mobility work will help out just about anyone feel better while lifting. Agile 8 is great, but if there is another mobility program you like better, do that. Just do some mobility stuff every day.

Yeah I am at the point where I am seeing that I need more mobility work just been struggling to get it in or even what is the right thing for what. I have looked at agile 8 before but shy away from it for pure stupidity. I think its time to pick up on it and get back at it

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Another positive word for the agile 8. Three cycles in on 5/3/1 beyond and at almost 50 YO and a desk job and I can hit full depth squats pain free, it really is a good warmup / mobility sequence.
I’ve made a couple changes; I do the hamstring stretches with a strap, one leg at a time laying on my back. It really works.

Awesome to hear. I will be trying this and hopefully it helps me out as it sounds it has you. I do a ton of sitting as well so any extra mobility will be good

The Agile 8 has already been mentioned, but I will just go ahead and further state its a solid, effective, and efficient way to get a bit of mobility in before lifting. Once your in the habit of doing mobility every lifting session it gets hard NOT to do it.

If you have Forever, there is a good section near the beginning where it outlines how to build your own mobility routines as well.

I would also recommend a lacrosse ball for the upper back and shoulders.

And if something is particularly sore don’t be afraid to give it a bit more attention after your main mobility work.

I have heard the lacrosse ball is a good thing. I have an issue with the Overhead Press and shoulder pain similar to a pinched nerve so Ive stayed away from the lift but I feel I am failing myself by doing that but I think maybe with some mobility work I might be in better shape to lift