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Foam for Box Squats


Has anyone purchased this locally in your area?

I love elite, but I'm not spending 130 plus 70 for shipping on foam. Westside has some for cheaper but they have been out of stock for a while. Just curious if anyone had found some so I didn't have to do any legwork.




You might find some in a craft store or a
fabric shop.

If not, look for an upholstery shop. They
might sell you a piece.



One more thought. If you can't find foam
thick enough to suit you, you can stack
them up and glue them together.



Thanks Rick, that is just about where I am at. Found 2 local places, so I will be going shopping tomorrow. Thanks for the help.



If I remember correctly, the foam they use in Westside's A LOT denser and harder to compress than "normal" foam.


It is. we have some similar foam and it hardly gives when you stand on it.


Just thought I would give an update here for anyone who cares.

I went to a local upholstery place and picked up a 6" square of the hardest, densest stuff they had. Was still softer than I wanted, but thought it was worth trying for only 30 bucks.

Very happy so far. For me, it has taken most of the shock and compression out of a normal box and it's harder to get off than just the box.

If anyone has wanted to try the foam, I would advise going this route. Can't beat it for the money.



Then what's the point?


Nice, I've been looking for some foam for box squats and my ghetto rigged hyperextenstion setup. I'll have to try that.


The point is, with only 250lbs of bodyweight you don't want it to budge. Add another 600lbs of bar weight and it's going to sink.



Oh yeah. Guess I'm a little slow on the up-take.