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F'n Youtube.com-Rant

Look, I know the site’s free, and has a ton of cool videos. I know that thousands of consecutive streaming videos takes up massive bandwidth. I have no idea how they make money, if in fact they do.

But it is so f’n SLOWWWW! Its such a cocktease of a site, its almost not worth it to go there. I have a cable modem btw.

I’m trying to watch as much WWF material as possible before youtube is forced to remove it.

So I’m trying to “watch” Ravishing Rick Rude vs Piper in a steel cage from MSG. Its been 45 minutes and about 8 minutes of match time have gone by. WTF?

It took me over 20 mins to watch 5 mins of MMA: 2 mins from Pride 31, Coleman vs Rua, Less than 1 minute of Coleman’s post match interview, 2 minutes of Rua training.

Can’t they give the option to download or pay for premium access?

-Rant Over-