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F'N O J !!!!!


Just cant stay out of the papers . You would think after getting away with murder he would stay the fuck out of the public eye, but no, he's gotta write a book on how he would have done the murders ( what a fuckin idiot you did it, your just telling us how you did it ) Now from author to private eye setting up his own sting. WHAT A MOTHER FUCKIN EGO. This guy thinks he can do what ever he wants to do. If he knew who stole his crap why not call the cops ???? Oh i forgot he's O J and he can do whatever he wants !!!!!! F'N PISSES ME OFF !!!


Getting away with murder? I believe the man is officially innocent.

Arnold is the governor of California. Celebrities can do whatever they want. Fucking deal with it.


I cant deal with it !!!! Arnold being governor, that is !!!!


No, he was found "not guilty." Juries never declare anyone "innocent." There is a wide gulf between "the prosecution was perhaps the greatest assembly of incompetence seen in America until the Bush administration, and could not have gotten a guilty verdict if they caught him at the scene of the crime, knife in hand, actually inserting said blade into the bodies of the deceased, plus he was rich and played the race card" and "OJ didn't kill his wife."


Who killed his wife ????


The jury in his civil trial found him liable for the wrongful death of his wife. Keep in mind that the standard of proof in a civil trial is "preponderance of the evidence" (more likely than not) as opposed to "beyond a reasonable doubt" in a criminal trial.


Well he's in jail now !!!! Charged ??? Related armed robbery.


LEAVE OJ ALOOOOOOONE! He won a heisman for you bitches, and this is how you thank him.


I like your eye liner what flavor is that?


Now he's facing 5 different charges, each charge he faces 2 to 30 years, Oh sorry i just fell on my dog i was laffin so hard !!


I sense staying power in this thread. Hi Mom!


Yeah, if i keep bumpin it !!!!! LOL .


What's up T-Nation?

Sadly OJ's crime sprees and bad fashion trends are both cyclical.

Do you remember 'If the glove don't fit, you must aquit'.

How about our own 2007 F'N O.J. Funniest Caption Contest

'If the door ain't busted, my charges can't be trusted'.
'If the door jamb ain't cracked, I can not be sacked'.
'I was conducting a 'sting', B&E aint my thing'.

How about 'SPANISH FLY shows a wicked thigh'.


Yeah and somtimes id like to murder her !!! lol !!


Imagine the guy who walks in on him, burglury in process... To see a big assed dude in gloves and a skimask robbing you place would be bad enough but then when it dawns you that it's OJ motherfucking Simpson [in] in skimask and gloves[/i]... I would've soil myself at that point.


Where the hell did this audio tape come from, ??? How many criminals have tape recorders running, unless they knew he was coming. I hate to say it, as much as i hate that piece of shit, but it looks like he was set up !!! Ah who cares .