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I'm surprised no one has shared this one yet...



it has




Today, I heard my sister masturbating in her room. I took the dog around the block to get out of the house, and I came back to see her leaving her room... my electric toothbrush in her hand. FML

I LOL'd.


no, YLIA


How long do you think it will be before we loose whole words/sentences completely?






Why, are they tight?


FML pisses me off. Not because of the site itself, but because it's apparently totally sensible now to say fuck my life after ANYTHING. I hear a girl say FML the other day after she dropped her phone on the way to class. Her life must suck now because of that dropped phone...


Tell me about it...I tried to buy a ticket to see Terminator for 7:30, but it was sold out. I had to buy a ticket for 8:00 instead. FML!




I see there is a lot of infidelity.... damn.. I guess its hard to find a good woman/man this days.


Too true.


Personally I'd rather just find a woman ... but if you're into the whole transgender thing and it works for you, I'm not here to judge


Eff YOUR life.
I posted that back in February. Sorry.



They have the two buttons where you can either sympathize or say they deserved it. They need a third where you can say "who gives a shit, stop being a pussy.'


Can I say I did it for the irony?




I agree. Except that should be the ONLY button. And when a person posts on there, they must enter a mailing address in order to to get an FML stress ball to ease their pain. But there will be 5 dirty, AIDs-infected syringes inside the ball awaiting a squeeze...That way their bitching will at least be somewhat justified.