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FML Ipod Help


6th generation classic. Stuck in disk mode. halp please. Much appreciated. Google and apple's website are not helping.


My ipod got stuck in the "do not disconnect" screen like when it's synced and made my computer freeze. I tried resetting it several times. The only thing that seemed to work was letting the battery die. Once charged it was fine again. Don't know if this helps at all, but hey if nothing else works give it a shot, or take it to an apple store.


Yeah if resetting it doesn't work and your computer doesn't recognize it when you plug it in so you can't restore it through itunes, letting the battery die is your best option.


thank you brosephs.


FUCKING HATE THE APPLE STORE. They're always busy its ridiculous. You would think they would build more of them considering how godamn popular Apple products are these days.


let ipod die, plugged it in, went back to disk mode. FML. Sending the POS in today or tomorrow.