FML (Fistule Surgery)


Went to two docs today. Got fingered by both :(.

Got a thing called a fistule. Requires surgery with a two-four week recovery called a fistulectomy. I know this will wreck my hornones and flora.

Any ideas on preventative or post surgery adjustments? OTC or RX precautions…

That’s four surgeries in two years after a life of health.

Currently take KSMan’s suggested protocol plus d3, b12, foliate and coq10

Thanks for your consideration.

Your other TRT thread with your history did not discuss any of these surgeries or problems.

These stressors can increase rT3.

You should do a good probiotic now before the surgery to adjust your flora and gut. Then again after probiotics are leaving your system.

There are a lot of useless products.

Also see: glutamine gut health - Google Search

You seem to keep vital facts hidden, like your thyroid condition was a sleeper.

If you can get body temperatures restored with a higher thyroid dose, you will heal faster and immune system will be better.

Ask how your thyroid levels will be managed in the hospital? Will you be on a stomach pump with nothing by mouth?

I had a GI surgery and gut torn open with massive infection, so I have some sympathy and knowledge of your issues.

Thanks for helping Sir.

I actually just received some rt3 and other thyroid labs this morning. I’ll start with those. Currently taking 90mg of Armour

T4= 4.4 (low) 4.5-12.0
T3= 115 71-180
Tsh= 2.210 .450-4.5
RT3= 8.5(low) 9.2-24.1

I know the tsh is high, should be 1.0. Not sure what the low t4 and RT3 indicate.

10-4 on the probiotic, I’ll get some good stuff from the cold section at the health food store. Start now and again after antibiotics.

Sorry if it seems im not sharing important stuff. I made the classic mistake of starting multiple threads. You have helped me with all individually but I know the big picture is impossible when facts and vital information is spread around. I’ll update my main post asap to include these things.

Though it has a long recovery time and sounds rather brutal it’s actually an ambulatory surgery. Unless they get in and the infection is beyond what they expect. Just barely according to the surgeon. So no pump just lots of stool softener and fiber during the recovery.

I truly appreciate your help and sympathy.

T4= 4.4 (low) 4.5-12.0
T3= 115 71-180
Tsh= 2.210 .450-4.5
RT3= 8.5(low) 9.2-24.1

Many people on thyroid meds need to get TSH pushed well below 1.0 to clear symptoms.

rT3 is great, try to get fT3 up to mid range or a bit higher and use waking body temperatures as a dosing guide.
T4 is way too low, suggesting that you are quite under-medicated as TSH=2.2 suggests.

Have you still been getting iodine?

I’m going to call and talk to the PA about increasing my dose. Could be an adventure but I’ll get it done.

Yes Sir. I eat some iodized salt with every meal. Don’t have any in my daily vitamins. thinking about picking up something with a little iodine and selenium.

I’m surprised my rt3 was low considering i’ve had a hidden infection for the last several months. I knew something was going on because my lymphs were way out of the normal proportion with monocytes and neutrophils on my last several tests. Doc said not to worry about it, way to go doc.

Strangely enough my body temperatures for the first time in my entire life have been right at 98.6 lately. I think its a fever from the infection though. lol